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Grant Opportunities

Social Entrepreneur and Enterprise Development Project (SE2D) Project and Social Innovation (SI) Grants
The underlying focus of the SE2D Project is to support Faith and Community Based Organizations (FBCOs) to develop and launch social entrepreneur ventures that employ earned income strategies to directly address social needs through goods and services.</
The Social Innovation (SI) Request for Proposal (RFP) seeks to support creative responses to an opportunity recognized, develop a social value proposition that brings value to its target population, has an articulated theory of social change, and is designed to measure for impact. The SI grants are geared to nurture an environment that allows for the continual implementation of transformative community approaches.

Due Date: Has passed. Please check back for next year's grant period.
2017 Social Innovation (SI) and Social Entreprenuer Enterprise Development (SE2D) Contract and Reporting Training
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POST TANF Sanctions Program
The POST TANF Sanctions Program is a community street outreach initiative that is designed to refer TANF recipients who are in danger of losing services to their CBSS to assure that serves are not terminated or delayed. POST TANF Sanctions Program grantees should have established relationships with their local county board of social services, the local police department(s), and the local workforce investment board.
The relationship with the CBSS is to identify a contact person in that organization to assure that services are not terminated or delayed and to develop a plan of action outlining what the Post TANF recipient must do to stay in compliance of program requirements. The relationship with the local police department is to alert them of the community street outreach that is being conducted. It’s a strategy designed to provide safety and security for the outreach workers. The relationship with the local One Stop Career Center(s) is to help the organization identify services that may be able to assist in helping to find employment and/or training for the Post TANF recipient in danger of losing their services through their local CBSS.

Due Date: Has passed. Please check back for next year's grant period.
System for Administering Grants Electronically
All OFBI applications will be done on the Department of State's System for Administering Grants Electronically (SAGE). For information on registering onto SAGE please click the links below:
SAGE Applicant User Guide
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