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News and Events

Special events are scheduled throughout the year in New Jersey. In addition, museums throughout the state feature aviation exhibits.

2016 International Aviation Art Contest

New Jersey artists aged 6 to 17 participated in the 2016 International Aviation Art Contest (pdf 613k).

The 2016 theme was "Create a poster for Air Sports and Nature in Harmony".

The beauty of the earth is never clearer than when seen from the air. Every day, thousands of people flying in airliners look at the earth with a new perspective from above. Another group of boys, girls, men and women involved in air sports are fortunate to have a special view of the grandeur below them as the soar in gliders or float through the air in balloons. Others feel the rush of air as they parachute down to a beautiful field or cross the sky in an ultralight or helicopter.

2016 brochure
Contest brochure
(pdf 613k)

From above, the fullness of nature is seen in ways unknowable from the ground. Helicopters give tours of the inaccessible rivers and canyons as balloons float across home towns, each giving new insight into how land, water, animals, and people share their environments. From the air, one is able to take pictures and film land that would otherwise never be seen. Aircraft do this without the need for roads. An airport or open field will do for the intrepid aviator.

Artwork is judged, at least in part, for its creative use of this year’s theme in relation to the aviation world. The contest is divided into state, national and international segments. The winners of the state contest will compete nationally and finally, national winners will compete internationally.

The 2016 winning entries for the New Jersey contest are available for viewing.

Past winners in New Jersey's Aviation Art Contest include:

  2015 2010 2005
  2014 2009 2004  
  2013 2008* 2003  
  2012 2007 2002
  2011 2006    

*Contest not held in New Jersey or at the National Level

For additional information or questions, email or call 609.530.2900.

For a list of winners in the national and international contests, visit the NASAO web site and click on ‘aviation art contest’ in left column under 'Announcements' for National Level Winners, and Young Artists Contest Section of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale Web site for the International Level winners.

Aviation Event Calendar

For other information on aviation events in New Jersey and out-of-state locations, review NJ Aviation. The information is not guaranteed, so confirm dates as some events are canceled without notice.


Museums and foundations

From Teterboro in the north of the state to Rio Grande in Cape May County, New Jersey’s southernmost county, eight aviation museums tell about the history of flying in the Garden State.

The museums preserve more than 200 years of aviation heritage, from the famous Curtiss Wright J-5 Whirlwind Engine used by Charles Lindbergh, to space travel exhibits.

To find the museum you would like to visit and learn about its offerings and the days it's open, choose from this list.

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