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Professional Services
Question and Answer
For Current Technical Proposals

Email question(s) to PSPD@dot.state.nj.us, attention Manager of Professional Services, Procurement.

Specify "TP # 923 question" in subject line. Email is now the preferred method of answering consultant's questions. It will expedite processing the request and posting the response. If your firm does not have access to email, you may fax your questions to 609-530-2212.

Questions will be accepted up to question cut-off date noted in the technical proposal.

Technical Proposal



21 Question:The silts and sediments in basins and stream corridors may contain ID-27 Material.  Inlet and storm sewer cleaning and TV inspections may be required as part of the corrective measures.  Testing to determine the nature of the materials that may be removed from the basins and outfall could be required.  Will the Department require an LSRP on staff to handle any contaminated soils issued that may be encountered?  Will the Department aid in the testing and/or have any available disposal sites?  This could affect the cost of the corrective actions required.

Answer: No materials testing or LSRP is required.

20 Question:Are all outfalls to be located and identified using GIS in 1988 Datum, NJ State Plane Coordinates?

Answer Yes

19 Question: Does the Highlands Area include both the Preservation and Planning Areas?


Answer: Yes

18 Question: Is there a map available outlining the specific geographic limits of the Highlands Area that is to be included in this project? 

Answer: No

17 Question:Will the Department require Technical Specifications for the corrective measures identified?

Answer: No

16 Question: Are permits to be pursued or just identified for the required corrective actions? 

Answer No, just identified.   It is understood that NJDOT regulates itself for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control.


15 Question: The proposal calls for plans to show corrective measures.  Are plans to be submitted to permitting agencies, such as FHA, Wetlands, Solid Waste, and Request for Authorization for Stormwater Discharge (5G3)? 

Answer: No

14 Question:Does the Department require an O&M Manual for each outfall or one O&M to cover all locations?

Answer: The Department does not require an O & M Manual.


13 Question:If the outfall end requires conduit outlet protection and repairs, what would be the preferred method (e.g. end sections vs. headwalls to reduce cost/limit of disturbance; preformed scour holes vs. splash pads to reduce limit of disturbance)?

Answer: Outlet protection only need be noted as a recommendation.

12 Question:Since the project is located in the Highlands and possibly in C1 waters, the NJDEP FHA and SWM rules would generally not be favorable to any potential increase in the existing outfall pipe sizes and/or the installation of new outfalls.  Specifically, if the outfall is found to be undersized, is the Department requiring that the contracted consultant identify/provide a design that would accommodate the outfall and comply with Highlands regulations, particularly for Illicit Connections?  Oversized, underground pipes may be required to provide minimum storage to comply with the required outflows.

Answer: Only the size, composition and condition of the pipe is required.

11 Question:If required by NJDEP, are stream delineations included in the scope of work for applicable outfall areas not previously studied?

Answer: No.

10 Question:What is the limit of the stream scour corrective action/bank stabilization to be noted as part of the outfall rehab?  Is it within the immediate vicinity of the splash pads or x-number of feet downstream? 

Answer:Stream bank scour corrective action recommendations are restricted to the immediate vicinity of the outfall.

9 Question: Would a key staff with a B.S. in Natural Resource Management and a M.S. in Environmental Studies be acceptable for the Environmental Team Lead?

Answer: Yes.

8 Question:For the Bioengineering Task Leader, TP #923, is a Bachelor of  Technology (BT) degree in Wildlife Management, and an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in fisheries and wildlife technology, with Rosgen III stream channel design training and is a Certified Professional in Soil Erosion and Sediment Control acceptable?

Answer: No

7 Question: For TP #923, would a  Bachelor of  Science degree in Natural Resource Management, with Rosgen III stream channel design training , and Certified Professional in Soil Erosion and Sediment Control acceptable for the Bioengineering Task Leader?

Answer: Yes


6 Question: Would a BS in Environmental Resource Management be acceptable for the Bioengineering task leader?

Answer: Yes, a BS in Environmental Resource Management is acceptable for the Bioengineering Task Leader.

5 Question: Recent NJDOT solicitations have allowed up to 2 graphics on 8½” x 11” paper. Are such graphics acceptable for this solicitation?

Answer: Yes, graphics are acceptable for this solicitation.

4 Question: Please clarify the maximum number of pages that are allowed for Part 5 – Section 12: Key Issues and Critical Problems. Is it 3 pages or 5 pages maximum?

Answer: 5 pages are allowed

3 Question: Can you confirm that a Critical Path Model is not required for this solicitation? The Instructions document says to include a critical path model but the Evaluation Criteria indicates it is not required. Please clarify.

Answer: Critical Path model is NOT REQUIRED.


2 Question: Is a B.S. in Civil Engineering acceptable for the Environmental Team Leader role?

Answer: A BS in Civil Engineering is acceptable for the Environmental Team Leader role.

1 Question: For Highlands Stormwater Basin and Selected Roadway Outfall Identification, Assessment and Analysis. Would a Project Manager with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and over 25 years of drainage experience be acceptable to the Department?

Answer: Yes, a PM with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and over 25 years of drainage experience would be acceptable to the Department.
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