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Professional Services
Question and Answer
For Current Technical Proposals

Email question(s) to PSPD@dot.state.nj.us, attention Manager of Professional Services, Procurement.

Specify "TP # 934 question" in subject line. Email is now the preferred method of answering consultant's questions. It will expedite processing the request and posting the response. If your firm does not have access to email, you may fax your questions to 609-530-2212.

Questions will be accepted up to question cut-off date noted in the technical proposal.

Technical Proposal


Question 1: For Utility Engineering Team Leader - Can a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Transportation with a NJ PE be substituted for the BS in Engineering?

Answer 1: Yes.

Question 2: Are there any plans available for download?

Answer 2: Yes. The Route 50 Plans are on the TP-934 web page.


Question 3: Is the Geotechnical Report and existing plan available for download?

Answer 3: No the report is not available. Division of Project Management does not feel it is necessary for the firms to include a review of the Geotech report to prepare their selection documents.      


Question 4: Part 5 -Project Approach, Section 11 Critical Path Model requests a Primavera Schedule for Preliminary Engineering and milestones for FD. Based on the information provided in the Scope of Work, the preliminary and final design for the project will be completed by others (designer of record). The actual schedule for the engineering work that will be performed during the construction phase of the project will be determined by the construction schedule provided by the Contractor. Is a Primavera Schedule necessary for this Solicitation? 

Answer 4: Section 11, Primavera Schedule is deleted. The 10 rating points from Section 11 are added to Section 12 Key Issues and Critical Problems.  Project Management determined this criteria is not needed for this selection. A revised Evaluation Criteria and Table A have been posted.

Question 5: In the special provisions page it adds Creative Pultrusions FRP pile.  Will contractors be required to use this product or will other hollow pilings be allowed if they meet the properties?

Answer 5: Others could be allowed. Consultants could explain how the substitution would be handled.


Question 6: Are the FD Environmental Plans available for review?

Answer 6: Environmental Plans are part of the plan set that is already posted with the solicitation. 


Question 7: Is the Design Communications Report available for review?


Answer 7: Yes, it has been posted on the TP-934 Webpage. 


Question 8: On Page 2 of the Solicitation, there is mention of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the State Historic Preservation Office for the project. As part of the MOA the following is stated: “There will also be Archeological data recovery of historic and pre-historic sites.”  Do we need to have an archaeological consultant on our team for this solicitation to carry out this presumed Stipulation of the executed MOA?

Answer 8: It is NOT expected that the archeological data recovery will be done as part of this agreement.


Question 9:Section 6 of the Evaluation Criteria Form (page 2 of 7) states in the Instructions that “NOTE: All 3 project should be of similar size and complexity as described below and must have successfully reached Substantial Completion of Construction”. However, #1 of the requirements below states that we must show: “Experience in NJDOT Project Delivery Process with the management of at least one transportation project with similar size and complexity from Preliminary Design / Engineering phase through the completion of Construction within the past 15 year.” Do all 3 projects need to be of similar size and complexity and completed through construction or only 1 project? Please clarify.


Answer 9: This posting is unique because the construction engineering phase of this project is being solicited separately from the design phase. The requirements in Section 6 may be confusing. The NJDOT is looking for “Experience in NJDOT Project Delivery Process with the management of at least one (1) transportation project with similar size and complexity from Preliminary Design/Engineering phase through the completion of Construction within last 15 years.” Additionally, NJDOT is also looking for a total experience of three  (3)  projects with Construction Engineering including Shop Drawing Reviews, Construction Schedule Reviews, and preparation of Change of Plans. The experience in NJDOT Project Delivery Process with the management of at least one (1) transportation project with similar size and complexity from Preliminary Design/Engineering phase through the completion of Construction within last 15 years may be included in one of these three (3) projects.

Question 10: Regarding NJSA 52:32-58 Certification of Non-involvement in Prohibited Activities in Iran, do you want us to include a certification statement in our transmittal letter, as a separate signed certification, or use form DC16 Disclosure of Investment Activities in Iran found on the NJDOT website Engineering Forms page? The DC16 read more like it was meant for contractors (bidders). Plus, do subconsultants also have to provide this at time of proposal?

Answer 10: Use the DC16 form below:


Subconsultants do not have to provide this with the proposal.




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