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Professional Services
Question and Answer
For Current Technical Proposals

Email question(s) to PSPD@dot.state.nj.us, attention Manager of Professional Services, Procurement.

Specify "TP # 941 question" in subject line. Email is now the preferred method of answering consultant's questions. It will expedite processing the request and posting the response. If your firm does not have access to email, you may fax your questions to 609-530-2212.

Questions will be accepted up to question cut-off date noted in the technical proposal.

Technical Proposal


Question 1: Concerning TP-941 and TP-942 for ITS Engineering Support Services 2013, only two firms are presently prequalified in Category E-2 Level A and eligible to propose for these contracts. The solicitation documents state the following: “If your firm is not on this list, your Technical Proposal will only be accepted if your firm becomes prequalified with the NJDOT as of 3:00 PM on the closing date of this solicitation in the following discipline(s) and level of service.” Will submittal of a PS-10 Prequalification Form for Category E-2 with our technical proposal be sufficient for acceptance of the proposal, or must we first earn prequalification approval prior to the closing date?

Answer 1: The E-2 PS-10 must be reviewed and approved before 3:00 PM on the closing date. Firms looking to submit should send in their forms as soon as possible.

Question 2: Please confirm the Civil Engineer (Civil Design) qualifications and experience in structural design, geotechnical design, utility engineering, guiderail design and MPT will be distributed as appropriate among several team leaders in accordance with the NJDOT PM and Key Staff Standards for Technical Proposals criteria (http://www.state.nj.us/transportation/business/procurement/ProfServ/documents/PM-KeyStaffStandards.pdf).

Answer 2: Each team leader/Key Staff is required to have listed qualifications and will be rated accordingly for experience in each field as listed in the evaluation criteria.

Question 3: Please confirm the narrative is to be no more than 12 pages as indicated in Part 5 – Section 13 of the instructions (page 4).

Answer 3: Yes.

Question 4: Will a BS Electrical Engineering with NYPE License be accepted for the ITS Design, plans, specs, estimate Team Leader instead of a NJPE License?


Answer 4: No, only NJPE license will be accepted for the team leader.


Question 5: May a BSCE fill in for a BSEE for the ITS Design, plans, spec and estimate Task Leader if he / she meets all of the other qualifications?


Answer 5: No, BSEE degree is required for the ITS Task Leader.

Question 6: Please confirm that the Traffic Engineering Task Leader can also be the CADD Task Leader.

Answer 6: Any of the task leaders from the first three primary tasks can also be the CADD Task Leader

Question 7: Please confirm the PM resume is to show the number of projects and formatted similar to the Sample Resume as indicated in Part 3 – Sections 5 and 6 of the instructions (pages 1 and 2).

Answer 7: All experience for the Project Manager and Key Staff should be submitted in years of experience. A revised Evaluation Criteria, Instructions, and Sample Resume have been posted on the technical proposal page.


Question 8: Can a SBE/ESBE consultant firm submit to this technical proposal as a prime consultant and also be a part of other teams as a SBE/ESBE subconsultant?


Answer 8: Yes.

Question 9: For TP-941 on the cover sheet of the Solicitation , it says One Selection will be made from Technical Proposals received but on Page 5 of the Solicitation is says “The New Jersey Department of Transportation is seeking minimum of two and a maximum of three firms…”.  Could you please clarify the number of selections for this Solicitation?

Answer 9: The first sentence under the scope of work on page 5 of the Solicitation should state, "The New Jersey Department of Transportation is seeking one firm to provide exerptise in Intelligent Transportation System Design, Operations and Maintenance.

Question 10: On Page 2 of the Solicitation it says, “Only one (1) technical proposal submission is allowed per firm (no teams) unless otherwise noted on page 1 of this solicitation," could you clarify this?

Answer 10: What "no teams" means is that one firm cannot submit more than one proposal as a prime.

Question 11: Please confirm that one (1) extra 11”x17” page will be allowed in lieu of two (2) extra 8 ½” x 11” pages.

Question 11: Yes.

No additional pages are allowed other than the requested maximum number of pages in the proposal.

Question 12: For the resumes, can we go further back than 2007 to show the 6 years experience or do you only us to show the years 2007-Present?

Answer 12: Experience can date back as needed to meet the requirements.

Question 13: For the IT Support Task Leader, can the individual be degree in Electrical Engineering with emphasis in Telecommunications/Information Technology?

Answer 13: No.

Question 14: Can the organization chart be 11 x 17?

Answer 14: Yes.

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