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Professional Services
Consultant Evaluation System



If the total rating for an agreement is less than 3.80, the Regional Consultant Coordinator (RCC ) will e-mail a copy of the ratings to the Consultant.  The Consultant will be afforded the opportunity to appeal the rating with the Rater and Rater's Supervisor.  This has been the practice for cycle 22 and 23.

As a result Professional Services WILL NOT be distributing the pdf rating files for any Construction Inspection projects.  If any agreement ratings (not individual task orders) are below 3.0, firms may ask for a debriefing to discuss the agreement ratings.

The Consultant Evaluation System (CES) has been developed to provide an objective, consistent method for measuring Consultant performance. The evaluation system benefits both the Department and the Consultant. The rating system provides the Department with a means for rewarding those Consultants who produce quality work, provides essential data to be used in the selection process for future projects, and provides Consultants with the opportunity to improve job performance from one rating cycle to the next. The system is based on objective information, which is intended to lead to fair, impartial ratings within the following disciplines:

The files listed below are in Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files, which is available at our state Adobe Access page.

The following changes will apply for CES 25 and going forward:

  • The rating cycle will now end December 31. The new rating cycle will be a calendar year January through December
  • Rating reminders will be sent in November so PM’s can start rating in December. Ratings will be due at the end of January.
  • Concept Development task orders will no longer be rated under the Planning discipline. All CPM general engineering term agreements and associated task orders will be rated under Design.
  • There is no Overall Quality rating for task orders executed to assist in-house design forces. Overall quality is a project specific agreement rating.


Cycle 24 Ratings (38kb)

Cycle 23 Ratings (39kb)

Cycle 22 Ratings (104kb)

Cycle 21 Ratings (165kb)


Cycle 24 ratings will apply to TP 040 and after.

Cycle 23 ratings will apply to TP 980 through TP 039.

Cycle 22 ratings will apply to TP 926 through TP 979.

Cycle 21 ratings will apply to TP 874 through TP 925.

Rating Forms:
The forms below were modified to reflect the Cycle 24 rating period which closed 9-30-2014. The new updated forms are now active for Project Manager/Contract Manager use.

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