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Scenic Byways in New Jersey

Pine Barrens Byway


The 1.1 million acre Pinelands is the largest body of primarily forested open space on the Mid-Atlantic seaboard between Richmond, VA and Boston, MA and is a natural and cultural environment unique to the world.

This New Jersey Scenic Byway, designated in 2005, meanders through areas of striking and subtle natural beauty and rich historic heritage. Visitors to the Trail will be greeted by natural attributes of the Pinelands that include a pristine and protected estuary; coastal marshes and plants and animals that are unique to the Pinelands; two federally designated wild and scenic rivers; state and national forests and wildlife management areas; recreational opportunities; and a federally administered preserve and research center.

First used by the colonists as a
Map of New Jersey locating the scenic byways Link to Bayshore Heritage Byway Link to Route 57 BywayLink to Upper Freehold Historic Farmland Byway Link to Palisades Interstate Parkway Scenic Byway Link to Delaware River Scenic Byway Link to Millstone Valley Byway
source of bog iron in the late 1700s, a rural version of the Industrial Revolution took hold as iron smelting and glass production became the major source of employment within this area.

With the depletion of the forests caused by fueling the iron and glass furnaces, the area turned to truck farming since at least the early nineteenth century and berry farming a few decades later. With some of the largest cranberry and blueberry operations in the world, this area has been one reason for New Jersey’s designation as The Garden State.

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Fast facts:

Length: Three different routes - Northern (pdf 1.5m), Central (pdf 1.3m) and Southern (pdf 1.3m) - total approximately 130 Miles
Route: This scenic byway runs from the Mullica River southwest and south to the Maurice River and Delaware Bay through the southern portion of the New Jersey Pinelands.

Northern Route

  • Start on Route 9 in Tuckerton at the junction with Route 539 (Green Street).
  • Go west on Route 9.
  • Turn right on Stage Road and bear left continuing on Stage Road going west.
  • In Bass River Township, turn left onto Route 653 (Leektown Road).
  • Just before crossing over the Wading River, Route 653 intersects with Route 542 (Batsto Bridgeport Road).
  • Take Route 542 traveling west.
At the village of Greenbank in Washington Township, Burlington County, the driver can either continue on with the longer northern loop or take the shorter northern loop.

Longer Northern Loop

  • Continue on Route 542 toward the Historic Village of Batsto.
  • Bear left following Route 542 (Batsto Bridgeport Road) and cross over the Mullica River into Mullica Township, Atlantic County (where Route 542 turns from Batsto Bridgeport Road to Hammonton-Pleasant Mills Road).
  • Once in Mullica Township, continue onto the North Loop or travel south and take the central connector of the North and South Byway Loops.

Shorter Northern Loop

  • Turn left onto Route 563 (Egg Harbor-Green Bank Road) heading south.
  • Cross over the Mullica River into Mullica Township, Atlantic County.
  • Continue on Route 563 into the Village of Weekstown.
  • Bear left following Route 563 (Green Bank Road) and continue the loop as described for the final leg of the northern loop.

First Leg of the North Loop

  • From Route 542 (Hammonton-Pleasant Mills Road) turn left onto Route 643 (Weekstown-Pleasant Mills Road) heading southeast.
  • Turn left onto Route 612 (Elwood-Weekstown Road) which turns into Route 563 (Green Bank Road) at the junction with Route 563 (Egg Harbor-Green Bank Road) where the Shorter Loop joins in again.

Final Leg of the North Loop

  • From the intersection of Route 612 and 563 in the Village of Weekstown, Mullica Township, take Route 563 (Green Bank Road) heading south.
  • In Egg Harbor City, make a sharp left turn onto Route 624 (Clarks Landing Road).
  • Continue on Route 624 (Clarks Landing Road) heading southeast into Port Republic.
  • Just past the Garden State Parkway, bear right onto Mill Street.
  • Take Mill Street to Riverside Drive and make a right.
  • Take Riverside Drive to Moss Mill Road (Alt 561). Make a left onto Moss Mill Road (Alt 561) heading southeast.
  • Turn left onto Route 9 (New York Road) heading north.
  • Bear left onto the Garden State Parkway (exit 48) heading north.
  • Take Exit 50 to follow Route 9 North through the Village of New Gretna, Bass River Township, Burlington County.
  • Follow Route 9 into Ocean County, where it also becomes known as Atlantic Boulevard, then as West Main Street in the Pinelands Town of Tuckerton.

Central Connector Route

  • Take Route 542 (Hammonton-Pleasant Mills Road) heading west toward the Village of Nesco, Mullica Township.
  • Make a left onto Route 658 (Columbia Road) heading south into the Village of Elwood, Mullica Township.
  • Turn right onto Route 623 (Weymouth-Elwood Road) heading southwest.
  • In Hamilton Township, Route 623 runs into and becomes Route 559 (Weymouth Road).
  • Take Route 559 (Weymouth Road) heading south.
  • Bear left when Route 559 joins Route 606 (Old Harding Highway) heading toward May’s Landing.
  • Continue on Route 559 by turning left onto Route 616 (Mill Street).
  • Bear right onto Main Street (still Route 559).
  • Make a right onto Cape May Avenue (Route 40 West and Route 50 South).
  • Make a left onto Route 50 South and continue on Route 50 toward Corbin City.
  • Bear left at the junction with Route 645 and where Route 50 joins with Route 557.
  • Make a right onto Route 611 (Main Street). Here the Central Route merges with the Southern Route.

Southern Route

  • The Southern Route begins on Route 611 (Main Street) in Corbin City, Atlantic County at the junction with Route 649 (Aetna Road).
  • Travel South on Main Street and continue on it as it joins Route 50 South. Cross over the Tuckahoe River into Upper Township, Cape May County.
  • Make a right onto Route 49 traveling west.
  • Bear right onto Route 632 (Marshallville Road) and stay on Route 632 until it joins up again with Route 49.
  • Follow Route 49 to the junction with Route 548. Follow either the longer southern loop or the shorter southern loop.

Longer Southern Loop

  • Take Route 548 (Weatherby Road) at the junction of Route 49 and head west into Cumberland County.
  • In Port Elizabeth, make a left onto Route 47 (Delsea Drive) and follow Route 47 into Cape May County.
  • In Eldora, bear left onto Old State Highway.
  • Make a right onto Route 550 (Paper Mill Road) and take Route 550 until it joins up with Route 47.
  • In Dennisville, make a left onto Route 610 (Dennisville-Petersburg Road).
  • Make a left onto Route 550 (Dehirsch Avenue).
  • In Woodbine, make a left onto Route 557 (Washington Avenue).
  • Make a right onto Route 550 (Webster Street, which then turns into Woodbine Avenue). Follow Route 550 to Belleplain.
  • Make a right onto Route 605 (Broad Street, which turns into Tuckahoe Road, which turns into Belleplain Road).
  • Take Route 605 to the junction of Route 548 (Weatherby Road).

Shorter Southern Loop

  • Follow Route 49 when it bears right and crosses over the Tuckahoe River into Estell Manor, Atlantic County.
  • Make a right onto Head of River Road.
  • Bear right onto Aetna Drive.
  • Follow Aetna Drive to Route 611 (Main Street).
Pine Barrens Byway:
Green Bank Methodist Church and graveyard, Washington Township, Burlington County

(Image provided by: Barry Brady)
Southern Pinelands Natural Heritage Trail image

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