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Project Details: Contract 2 - Route 139

pulaski skyway graphic Work under Contract 2 involves deck replacements and other work on the Conrail and Hoboken Viaducts. Work under this contract is anticipated to be completed by early 2016.

Making the Pulaski Skyway stronger and better.

Starting in December 2013, work under Contract 2 required the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) to implement a movable barrier system that provides motorists on Route 139 Lower Roadway with two travel lanes in the peak direction, meaning eastbound motorists are provided two travel lanes in the morning and westbound motorists are provided two travel lanes in the evening. Once Contract 3 begins and the Pulaski Skyway northbound travel lanes are closed, the Route 139 Lower Roadway will provide motorists with one travel lane eastbound and two travel lanes westbound.

Construction Staging

Pre-Phase 1 (Completed)
  • Remove Lower Roadway median barrier and replace with movable barrier
Phase 1 (Ongoing)
  • Construct detour road, Lower Roadway drainage and retaining walls
Phases 2, 3 and 4
  • Deck and column replacement on the Conrail and Hoboken Viaducts, steel replacement and repair, lighting and intersection improvements

Intersection closures on the eastbound side of Route 139 will be necessary during these phases. The tentative timeframe and additional detour information is below:

Phase 2 - Palisades Avenue and Oakland Avenue:
Summer 2014 to Winter 2014/2015

Phase 3 - Baldwin Avenue and Central Avenue:
Winter 2014/2015 to Summer 2015

Phases 2 and 3 Eastbound Route 139 Detour:
Traffic traveling on the upper roadway will exit upper Route 139 via right turn at Summit Avenue then turn left onto Hoboken Avenue and proceed to the temporary roadway constructed adjacent to upper Route 139 between Oakland Avenue and Palisade Avenue.

Phase 4 - Summit Avenue/St. Pauls Avenue/Bevan Street:
Summer 2015 to Spring 2016

Phase 4 Eastbound Route 139 Detour:
From north of Route 139
Traffic destined for eastbound upper Route 139 will travel south on JFK Boulevard, turn left onto Newark Avenue and continue to the temporary roadway constructed adjacent to upper Route 139 between Oakland Avenue and Palisade Avenue.

Phase 5
  • Lower Roadway barrier replacement, final pavement
Phase 6
  • Upper Roadway final pavement

The Hoboken and Conrail Viaducts are sections of Route 139. Route 139 features Upper and Lower roadways, extending from the eastern end of the Pulaski Skyway to the Holland Tunnel. It provides eastbound motorists with access to Hudson County and New York City destinations, and provides westbound motorists with access to the Pulaski Skyway, Newark and points west.

The Hoboken Avenue Viaduct (Upper Roadway) is a four lane east-west divided arterial in Jersey City which carries traffic from the Pulaski Skyway to the Holland Tunnel. The Lower Roadway, located beneath the Hoboken Avenue Viaduct, also serves as a link between the Jersey City and New York.

route 139 lower roadway photo

Route 139 Lower Roadway

The Conrail Viaduct is a four lane, 12 span structure. It is located between the Hoboken Avenue Viaduct and the Pulaski Skyway and crosses over abandoned Conrail railroad tracks.

The Viaducts were constructed in 1927 as part of the limited-access approach road to the Holland Tunnel. Repairs will eliminate structural deficiencies and strengthen them against seismic activity. Improvements include:

  • Replace the deck, supporting beams and columns supporting the eastbound side of the Hoboken Viaduct and resurface the westbound roadway.
  • Replace the deck on the Conrail Viaduct and strengthen the supporting trusses.
  • Operational improvements at several intersections on the Upper Roadway.

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