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Corrective Action Notices (CAN) identify and address problems that may lead to additional costs, impact project schedules, or may be systemic in nature. They include a corrective action plan designed to eliminate the possibility of a recurrence. When these changes alter any Baseline Document, a Baseline Document Change (BDC) Announcement follows.

Quality Improvement Advisories (QIA) notify of problems that have occurred. They include possible solutions and lessons learned. Other uses include notification of efforts to minimize impacts to the project delivery schedule as well as avoiding unanticipated costs associated with project changes.

Date Announcement Number & Description
09/11/2015 QIA055 - Misuse of Obsolete Items on Construction Projects.
10/31/2014 CAN084 - Suspending the use of the Guiderail End Terminal ET-PLUS.
05/15/2013 QIA054 - Patented/Proprietary Items usage on all Contract Documents. See the Design section of the Forms page for forms DF15 and DF16.
09/14/2012 CAN083 - Assignment of Structure Numbers for all structure types.
03/01/2010 CAN077 - Construction Activity Impacting Structures should be evaluated for Vibration, Settlement and Noise.
09/02/2009 CAN076 - Construction Cost Estimating Guide revisions in Appendix H7 regarding Items for which a number has not been assigned .
04/23/2009 CAN074 - Sample Plans 2007 revisions adding a column for sequence numbers when using ACES. See also Sample Plan Sheet 2 (pdf 548k)
02/06/2009 QIA048 - The Stimulus Design Review Guidelines remind Designers to submit Final Design Submissions 100% complete, including the Design Communication Report and using the new QA Process as contained in the Capital Project Delivery Website.
01/07/2009 CAN073 - Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Guidelines - See the ITS web site for interim ITS guidelines.
12/30/2008 QIA047 - Sample Utility Agreement Plan with traffic control component. It is recommended to print the Sample Utility Agreement Plan (1.2 m) in color.
07/27/2007 CAN070R - REVISED DATE - Annual Update of Construction Cost Estimates using the Trns*port CES program and submit by August 14th.
07/27/2007 QIA046 - Procedures for JCP&L Electric Facility Relocation with posting of Construction work order details and Summary on the BidX web site.
04/07/2006 QIA041 - Correct Use of Sign Support Structures,
06/23/2005 QIA040 - Crash Tested Bridge Railing Guide at the FHWA website,
04/24/2005 CAN061 - Jurisdiction Agreement Procedures revisions address adjustments to the project delivery process. See also CAN061Att (pdf 3.01m)
10/26/2004 QIA039 - Use of wood posts as means for sign support along highways,
11/21/2002 QIA037 - Preliminary Letter of Entry onto Private Property for Surveys.
06/28/2002 QIA033 - PSE&G Installation of Gas Mains & Related Work Specifications,
03/05/2002 CAN053 - Reset Beam Guide Rail.
03/06/1998 QIA009 - Weathering Beam Guide Rail
09/23/1997 QIA007 - Soil conditions & the deflection and rotation of sheet pile walls
04/07/1997 QIA006R - Right of Way Availability
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