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Crash Records

Police Resources

The following information is provided to support police reporting needs.

NJTR-1 Distribution Centers (pdf 34k)

NJTR-1 Submission Protocols

Crash Type Definitions

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Survey of Police Records Management Systems (pdf 71k)

2006 NJTR-1 (pdf 777k)
Note: The changes to the 2006 NJTR-1 document as of 4/28/06
  1. Delivery of latest NJTR-1 printing has been delivered as of 4/24/06. Contact your distribution center.
  2. Heavier weight paper for the separation pages and a stiffer back.
  3. Block 40 &70 - Vehicle Color List...the NCIC and DMV Lists have been reviewed and combined into one uniform list of colors.
    The list has been placed on the second page of the overlay, below the list of Eye Color.
  4. NJTR-1A - The letters for the occupant list has been changed to F,G,H,I,J.
  5. NJTR-1 - Both pages indicate Record Bureau Copy...
    The top copy has been changed to Police Copy & the second copy to State Copy.
  6. Box 130 - clock point diagram the numbers on the diagram are to be changed to two digits....01, 02 etc.
NJTR-1 Field Manual (pdf 6.8m) - Updated 7/18/2011
Note: History of Changes
Date Page Change
Added codes for box 97.
Removed codes that were incorrect for box 97. Added notation that codes could be found on page 37.
Added instructions for combination vehicle (tractor-trailer/passenger car with trailer, etc.)
Rewrite of instructions for Box 50 and 80.
Changed “GRWR” to “GVWR”. Included instructions to add carrier address and Driver License Class Code.
Added flowchart of questions to determine Motor Carrier

Multi-occupant Bus form fields 83-95 (pdf 11k)
Multi-occupant Bus form fields 83-95 (Omni 455k)

NJTR-1 Police Guide Book (pdf 1.7m) - Updated 8/26/2011
Note: History of Changes - Police Guide for Preparing Reports of Vehicle Crashes

Date Page Change
History of Crash Reporting – Updated average number of annual crash reports as of 2010; clarified importance of accuracy in crash reporting.
Important Points - Changed instructions on numbering vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians.
Recommended Procedures for the Handling of Motor Vehicle Crashes Not Investigated at the Scene – Added a sixth instruction.
Boxes 39 and 69 – Model – Changed instructions to enter model as it appears on the registration.
Boxes 40 and 70 – Color – Changed instructions to use one of the 2 digit color codes on the NJTR-1 overlay.
Boxes 83 THRU 95 (Persons Involved Data) – Added a reference to the multi-occupant bus form available on the NJDOT Crash Records website.
Box 95 – Hospital Code – Changed url to access the most recent list of hospital codes.
Replaced with updated Reporting Protocol (from NJDOT website) to reflect new phone numbers and address for MVC.
Added instructions for combination vehicle (tractor-trailer/passenger car with trailer, etc.)
Rewrite of instructions for Box 50 and 80. Included instructions to add carrier address and Driver License Class Code in Box 135.

2011 NJTR-1 Refresher Training Q&A (pdf 718k)

NJTR-1 Form Online Training

New 2006 NJTR-1 Field Changes (xls 61k)
Note: Under the tab "OldOrder," this file contains a listing of both the old and new fields on the NJTR-1 form in the old order. There are comments regarding changes and additions. Under the tab "NewOrder," this file contains only the fields on the new NJTR-1 form in their new order. It has a reference to the older Number (if applicable) whether or not there are codes in the Codes Tables for the item.

New 2006 NJTR-1 Codes Table (txt 47k)
Note: This file contains the item numbers and all their corresponding valid codes and descriptions in a fixed width file.

Electronic Data Transfer Process

The following information is needed if you are interested in submitting the NJTR-1 electronically.
- Protocols (pdf 20k)
- Vendor/Agency Contacts (doc 23k)
- MQ Interface Overview (pdf 18k)
- NJSP-NJDOT Crash EDT Interface Guidelines - 3/7/07 (pdf 690k)
- NJTR-1 Field Cross Edits - 3/7/07 (pdf 64k)
- Modifications to EDT edits - 11/9/06 (pdf 102k)
- Modifications/Additions to Electronic Data Transfer - 3/7/07
    (pdf 27k)

Guide For Preparing 2001 NJTR-1 Reports (pdf 1.1m)

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