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Pensions and Benefits

About Your Personal Benefit Statement

Every year the Division of Pensions and Benefits provides a Personal Benefit Statement to each active retirement system member.

  • The PBS Status Chart shows the effective date, print date, or mailing date of Personal Benefit Statements.

  • See Frequently Asked Questions for more about the information listed on your Personal Benefit Statement.

Your Personal Benefit Statement and Retirement Planning

Your Personal Benefit Statement is a useful tool in planning for your retirement. It is helpful, however, to think of the statement as a "snapshot" of your estimated benefits and not as a final calculation. This is because the statement's estimate program differs from the program used to calculate your actual retirement and uses the salary reported by your employer for the quarter preceding the statement date to project your annual salary, rather than the one year or three year average salary used when you retire.

If you are within two years of retirement, you can:

  • call our Automated Information System at (609) 292-7524 to hear a retirement estimate over the phone

    Retirement estimates from MBOS and the Automated Information System use the current, posted salary and service information on file with the Division of Pensions and Benefits.

Requesting Duplicate Statements

Requests for duplicate or replacement Personal Benefit Statements will be honored when they are received from the employer within the time frame that the statement data is available. Because the production schedule for Personal Benefit Statements is limited, a Statement of Account letter may be provided when a Personal Benefit Statement can no longer be provided.

In addition:

  • If an employee did not contribute to the retirement system for any period of time in the three months preceding the statement date — or changed employers within that time period — a Personal Benefit Statement cannot be provided for that employee.

  • If the employing location did not submit the Report of Contributions (ROC) by the cut off date for the quarter, the entire location will not receive Personal Benefits Statements for that quarter.

See the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Employers: Duplicate request forms Adobe PDF (14K) may be mailed or faxed to the Division of Pensions and Benefits. The fax number is (609) 777-1779.


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