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Directions for Completing the
Application for Interfund Transfer

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Part 1: To Be Completed by the Member

 Check the box of the pension fund to which the member will be transferring.

Information to Be Provided by the Member:

  1. Member's full name
  2. Membership number from previous account
  3. Complete mailing address
  4. The name of the pension fund in which they are currently enrolled
  5. The status of the member leaving the previous job; i.e. resigned, dismissed and the name of the former position.
  6. The date of termination
  7. The name of the new employer
  8. Member's signature and date

Member must sign and date the form, giving the Division the right to transfer their contributions from the one fund to the other.

Part 2: To Be Completed by the Former Employer

This form must be forwarded to the member's former employer, who must complete Part 2.

The Certifying Officer indicates:

  1. The status of the member when they left their location;
  2. The date of the last pension deduction taken from the member's salary, and;
  3. The member's base salary at the time of termination.

On the lower portion of the form the employer must indicate the deductions that came in for the member for the last two quarters. This would include any loan payments and arrears.

The Certifying Officer or Board Secretary of the former employer must sign the form and return it to the new employer immediately. This is imperative.





















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Last Updated: July 29, 2011