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Pensions and Benefits Home Page

Pension Systems

  • Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS)
  • Teachers' Pension and Annuity Fund (TPAF)
  • Police and Firemen's Retirement System (PFRS)
  • State Police Retirement System (SPRS)
  • Judicial Retirement System (JRS)
  • Defined Contributions Retirement Program (DCRP)
  • Alternate Benefit Program (ABP)

Health Benefits Programs

Supplemental Retirement Savings Plans

  • State Employees Deferred Compensation Plan (NJSEDCP)
  • Supplemental Annuity Collective Trust (SACT)
  • Additional Contributions Tax Sheltered Program (ACTS)

Other Benefit Programs

  • Long Term Care Plan - for State employees and retirees (LTC)
  • State Employees Tax Savings Program (Tax$ave)
  • State Employees Commuter Tax Savings Program (Commuter Tax$ave) (PDF size 38K)
  • Volunteer Emergency-Worker's Survivors Pension (VESP) (PDF size 30K)

Services and Information

Quick Links

Personal Benefits Statements


Boards of Trustees

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