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N.J. Teachers' Pension and Annuity Fund

The Teachers' Pension and Annnuity Fund is open to employees of boards of education and the State who must be certified or credentialed as a condition of employment.

Check out the most up-to-date TPAF Member Handbook.

Who's on the Board of Trustees? When do they meet?

Some frequently asked questions.

  • What will my benefits be when I retire?
  • What happens if I die?
  • What happens if I get a divorce?
  • What happens if my job is abolished or I get terminated? How long do I have to wait to get my contributions? What are the tax implications, if any?
  • Can I get another job if I retire?
  • What if I get hurt on the job or become disabled?
  • Can I convert my group life insurance when I leave?
  • Since my employer-paid life insurance is a taxable benefit, what if I choose not to be insured?
  • We were just awarded a "retro" pay raise, will this be reflected in my pension?
  • Can I buy-back the time I spent on my old job? How much is it going to cost? What about time spent on a leave of absence??
  • How long does it take to process my retirement application? What's involved?
  • Is my pension taxable?
  • Do I get any benefit for being a veteran?
  • Will my pension keep up with the cost of living?
  • What's new?

    Administration manual for TPAF employers.

    For individual account information.

    If you are considering retirement within the next two years and would like an estimate of your retirement benefit, call 609-777-1777, choose option 3 (enter "3") and follow the prompts.

    February 26, 2001

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