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Welcome to NJSTART, our new eProcurement system, which puts the power to do business with the State into your hands.

Information on the Pilot Procurement Program is available at NJSTART and on the Division of Purchase and Property’s homepage under Pilot Bidding Opportunities. For now, vendors should continue to monitor the Division’s homepage for upcoming procurements and additional Pilot Bidding Opportunities until NJSTART has been fully implemented.

Also, a major step forward towards a full transition is the completion of the interface to the State’s financial accounting system. Vendors registered prior to October 15, 2015 should go to the Quick Reference Guide (QRG) entilted “Vendor Profile Upgrade Checklist“ to ensure their profile is accurate.

If you haven’t registered yet, there is still time to do so before the transition to NJSTART is completed. Registration is easy and takes only a few minutes. Visit and click on “Register” to start the process. More information on this topic can be found in the Quick Reference Guide (QRG) entitled “Vendor Registration" under the Vendor Reference Guides tab above.

Thank you for your interest in doing business with the State of New Jersey and we look forward to your feedback on NJSTART.


Visit this page often for additional updates and instructions.

NJSTART Term DPP Term Description
Bid   Solicitation An opportunity to procure goods/services on behalf of one or more using agencies.
  Formal Bid RFP/RFQ A publicly advertised opportunity/solicitation to procure goods or services on behalf of one or more using agencies. Vendor quotes (bidder proposals) received in response to a "formal bid" (RFP/RFQ) are held in a lockbox until a specified date and time. Quote (Proposal) openings can only be modified through an advertised Bid Amendment (Addendum).
  Informal Bid RFI, Telephone Quotes A request for market research or information pertaining to the potential procurement of goods or services on behalf of one or more using agencies. Vendor (Bidder) quotes received in response to an "informal bid" (RFI/quote) can be viewed throughout the process, and the Quote (Proposal) opening can be modified at any time.
Bid Amendment Addendum A change to the Bid (Solicitation) prior to the deadline for Quote (Proposal) submission.
Change Order Contract Amendment A change to the Master Blanket Purchase Order (Term Contract) after an award has been made.
Invoice Invoice Receipt that documents fulfillment of goods or services, and triggers vendor (contractor) payment.
  Invoice with
  Change Order
  Receipt that documents fulfillment of goods or services, and triggers vendor (contractor) payment. In this instance, one or more aspects of the receipt have been modified after initial invoicing process. 
Purchase Order  Purchase Order/Contract Contract resulting from a bid (solicitation).
  Open Market
  Purchase Order
Delegated Purchasing Authority One-time purchases for items that are not already on a master blanket purchase order (term contract).
  G2B Blanket
  Purchase Order
Punch-Out Contract Governments to Business (or “G2B”) Blankets (punch out contract) are items or services that are purchased through NJSTART from a vendor’s (contractor's) online website. When selecting items to order off of a G2B blanket purchase order (punch-out contract), NJSTART will “punch-out” to the vendor’s (contractor's) website. When the user checks out at the website, the details will be brought back to NJSTART and the user will complete the Release Requisition (Purchase Order).
  Master Blanket
  Purchase Order
Term Contract (T, M, G Solicitation #'s with A Contract #'s) Master Blanket Purchase Orders "Blanket POs" (Term Contracts) are set up to allow repetitive purchases from a single purchasing agreement with a vendor (contractor). Blanket POs (term contracts) cover items from a vendor (contractor), up to a certain dollar limit. A blanket PO (term contract) allows you to spend X amount with a vendor (contractor), but doesn't necessarily specify the dollar amount of the item. However, blanket POs (terms contracts) can be set up with this limitation. DPP initiates blanket POs (term contracts) through the centralized procurement process.
Quote Quote/Proposal Submission of pricing and/or technical quote (proposal) in response to a bid (solicitation) or requisition or procurement request.
Requisition   Documents that using agencies create to request goods or services for a purchase or a procurement request.
  Open Market
Delegated Purchasing Authority A request for non-contract items or a one-time purchase order not contained on a master blanket purchase order "blanket PO" (term contract).
Purchase Order/Contract Order  A request for items off of a master blanket purchase order "blanket PO " (term contract).
Vendor Bidder/Contractor A vendor responding to a request for goods or services is a bidder. A vendor awarded a purchase order (contract) for goods or services is a contractor.

The following Quick Reference Guides are provided to help address most questions on how to use NJSTART.


Vendor Profile Upgrade Checklist
Adobe PDF Adobe PDF (865 kb)

Registration:  Enrolling Your Company in NJSTART


Vendor Registration
Adobe PDF Adobe PDF (1.73 mb)

Establishing a Doing Business As (DBA)
Adobe PDF Adobe PDF (305 kb)

Login/Password Assistance
Adobe PDF Adobe PDF (435 kb)

Vendor Profile Management


Company Information & User Access
Adobe PDF Adobe PDF (915 kb)

Vendor Categories & Certifications
Adobe PDF Adobe PDF (1.01 mb)

Vendor Forms
Adobe PDF Adobe PDF (1.02 mb)

Attaching Files
Adobe PDF Adobe PDF (1.02 mb)

Vendor Pilot: Bidding Opportunities


Find a Bid
Adobe PDF Adobe PDF (800 kb)

Find a Bid Video

Submit a Quote
Adobe PDF Adobe PDF (1 mb)

Submit a Quote Video
Request for Revision in NJSTART

Adobe PDF Adobe PDF (1 mb)
Accessing Purchase Orders

Adobe PDF Adobe PDF (513 kb)

Registered Vendor Search


Search for Registered Vendors
Adobe PDF Adobe PDF (499 kb)

Vendor Forms

The following link provides a complete list of the vendor forms required to do business with the State of New Jersey.  

Vendor Forms

By using NJSTART, vendors can now complete, store and update shortened versions of many of the forms in their profile. In some cases,  vendors may not be required to complete a form at all. It’s important to ensure that this information is correct and up to date; otherwise submissions may be deemed non-responsive.

Please note: NJSTART forms will not be accepted until the system goes live which is anticipated for summer 2015

Help Desk Support

NJ START email support:

NJ START Phone Support – (609) 341-3500  
Staffed Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

Agency Reference Guides (State use Only)

Agency Organizational Set Up & Support

Quality Control Review & Final Setup Of User Profiles
Adobe PDF Adobe PDF (1.48 mb)

Maintaining Approval Paths
Adobe PDF Adobe PDF 2.03 mb)

How to Look Up Vendors in MACS-E & NJCFS
Adobe PDF Adobe PDF (1.40 mb)

User Access & Single Sign-On

User Bulkload Single Sign-On Guide
Adobe PDF Adobe PDF (1.04 mb)

Adding New Agency Users
Adobe PDF Adobe PDF (643 kb)

Doing Business


Punchout Shopping Guide
Adobe PDF Adobe PDF (1.63 mb)

How to Create a Contract Release Order
Adobe PDF Adobe PDF (3.29 mb)

Purchase Order Receipts
Adobe PDF Adobe PDF (780 kb)

Adobe PDF Adobe PDF (1.29 mb)

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