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What is Electronic Filing?

The Electronic Filing Program enables taxpayers to send their tax returns electronically instead of producing and mailing a paper return. It is a fast and efficient system that provides benefits to the taxpayer and the State.

How does it work?

The actual process begins when electronically prepared returns are sent to the IRS. After the IRS reviews and accepts the Federal return, they make the State return available to that State. The State downloads these returns and processes them. At each step, both the IRS and the State send acknowledgments back that indicate that the return was received and whether or not it was accepted. If the returns have been accepted, one page signature documents, to which you attach your W-2's, must be sent to both the IRS and the State.

How can I do it?

You may either prepare your own return electronically or you may have a tax professional do it for you. You can get more details from our Individual Filing Page or from a tax professional.

Are there step by step instructions?

The software product that you purchase should have clear and easy to follow instructions for completing and filing your electronic return. In many cases the software companies provide telephone numbers for technical support and help desk assistance.

What returns can I file this way?

You may file just your Federal income tax return. However, to file your New Jersey income tax return, you must also file your Federal return. The program that New Jersey participates in is called the Fed/State Program and provides for the simultaneous filing of both returns.

Are there any limitations?

Yes. You can only file the current year's return. You can not file a prior year's return. You may file the NJ-1040, TR-1040, NJ-1040 (part-year), and NJ-1040NR returns.

New Jersey does not accept amended returns in an electronic format. A rejected e-filed return, however, may be corrected and re-submitted.

What are the benefits from filing electronically?

There are a number of benefits from taking advantage of this method of filing your income tax return.
  • You will know within a few days that your return has been received and whether or not it has been accepted or rejected.
  • Your return won't 'get lost'.
  • Your return is less likely to have errors.
  • If you have a balance due, you can file early and forward your check separately. Your payment still has to be in by April 15th.
You can always contact the Division of Taxation's Hotline at (609) 292-6400 and/or stop by one of Taxation's Offices - for walk in assistance.

What happens if I make a mistake on my electronic return?

The software that you use should prevent mathematical errors. However, if you need to file an amended return you will have to prepare a paper amended return.

Where can I get more information?

You can call the New Jersey Division of Taxation's Hotline at (609) 292-6400, visit our Individual Filing Page, - or contact a tax professional.

Last Updated: Thursday, 01/22/15

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