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2017 Archived Auctions

Date Time Auction Description
SOLD Fabulous Home Patio, LLC Contents of Outdoor/Teak Furniture
SOLD B.J.F., Inc. Contents of Pizzeria/Restaurant


Shenanigan Toys Contents of Privately Owned Toy Store


Gleason’s Place, Inc. Liquor License


Four Chefs of Cherry Hill INC. Liquor License
SOLD Pacheco, Inc. Liquor License
CANCELLED Pichardo Liquors, LLC Liquor License
CANCELLED Fondue Holdings Inc. Liquor License
SOLD La Nueva Placita Store Contents
SOLD Tenpro Trading Corp. Liquor License

The Monty Club Corp. T/A Club Monty

Liquor License
SOLD L & A 525 LLC Liquor License
CANCELLED Glendora Liquors, Inc. Liquor License
SOLD Rancho Dominicano Contents of Restaurant
SOLD Blue Plaza INC. Contents of Small Coffee/Bagel Shop
SOLD Parise Inn INC Liquor License
CANCELLED 1075 Albany LLC Harborview Liquor Liquor License
SOLD Silver Cup Enterprises LLC Liquor License


Hofler, Gertrude, t/a Marion Jewelers & Co.

Jewelry Items

SOLD Engines of NJ LLC Marine diesel tools and equipment
SOLD Trailerama LLC Contents of Trailer/ Auto Accessories Store
SOLD GRAMA Inc. Liquor License


Last Updated: Wednesday, 01/17/18

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