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Real Estate Tax Exemption

Disabled Veterans & Surviving Spouses

New Jersey's Constitution and Tax Laws provide that certain totally and permanently disabled war veterans or the surviving spouses of such disabled war veterans or the surviving spouses of servicepersons who died on wartime active duty be exempt from real estate taxes on their principal residence and the lot on which that residence is situated.

To qualify for a real estate tax exemption as a veteran, you must be honorably discharged from active wartime service in the US Armed Forces and be VA certified as having service-connected total or 100% permanent disability. You must be the full owner of and a permanent resident in the dwelling house for which exemption is claimed and a legal or domiciliary resident of New Jersey. Timely application must be made with the municipal assessor of the taxing district where your home is currently located. As a surviving spouse of a disabled veteran who met all of the above eligibility requirements you, yourself, must not have remarried, must also be a New Jersey resident and owner - occupant of the claimed dwelling. Out-of-State residents and tenant occupants of rental dwellings are not eligible for real estate tax exemption or retroactive refunds.

Please review the above section on Full Real Estate Tax Exemption to see if you meet the basic eligibility requirements. If you think you meet the basic criteria and have never applied for exemption, please obtain initial application Form D.V.S.S.E. from your municipal assessor and file it with the assessor as soon as possible.

Last Updated: Thursday, 08/21/14

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