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Obtaining Copies of Previously Filed Tax Returns

To obtain a copy of a tax return previously filed with the Division of Taxation, complete Form DCC-1. The Division charges a fee of $1.00 per side of the return. Submit the completed form, together with the appropriate payment, to New Jersey Division of Taxation, Document Control Center, PO Box 269, Trenton, NJ 08695-0269. Requests for copies of Corporation, Sales, NJ-500/W-3 or Business Personal Property Tax returns must be submitted on company stationery and signed by an officer of the company. Copies will only be provided to individual(s) who signed the return unless a signed release form or a Form M-5008-R, Appointment of Taxpayer Representative, from that individual that covers the return(s) being requested is included.

Copies of a previously filed New Jersey Gross Income Tax Returns (Form NJ-1040, NJ-1040NR or NJ-1041), may be obtained either by mailing Form DCC-1 to the Division of Taxation or completing Form DCC-1 at a Division of Taxation Regional Information Center. Regional Information Centers will provide copies of previously filed New Jersey Gross Income Tax Returns only to the person(s) who signed the requested tax return or to the authorized representative of the taxpayer(s) who provides a Form M-5008-R that covers the return(s) being requested. A photo ID (driver’s license or other government-issued photo ID) of the taxpayer or the taxpayer’s authorized representative is required. If the person requesting the copy is not the person who signed the return (or the taxpayer’s authorized representative), the request will not be completed at the Regional Information Center. Instead, Form DCC-1 will be forwarded to the Document Control Center and any requested copies will be sent to the individual who signed the return at the address currently on file with the Division of Taxation.


  • In-person requests for copies of previously filed tax returns can only be honored for personal Income Tax returns. To request any other type of tax return, Form DCC-1 must be completed and mailed to the Document Control Center along with the appropriate payment.
  • Payment for copies of tax returns must be made by check or money order; payment cannot be made in cash or by credit card.

Last Updated: Monday, 02/06/17

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