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Taxpayer Accounting

The Taxpayer Accounting Branch issues bills for underpayments of tax, penalties and interest. This branch also reviews bills and refund or credit requests, and responds to taxpayer inquiries regarding the status of their accounts. During Fiscal Year 2008, the Taxpayer Accounting Branch answered 80,600 pieces of correspondence and 16,000 phone calls, reviewed about 61,000 bills and 82,000 refunds and adjusted, updated, or corrected approximately 136,000 accounts.

This branch is comprised of the Correspondence Section, the Review Section and the Adherence Section for personal income tax, a Business Tax Section, a Support Section for both the personal income and business taxes.

The primary function of the Adherence Section is to identify possible fraudulent personal income tax claims with an emphasis on the NJ Earned Income Tax Credit.

Property Tax Relief Programs Unit resolves problems related to the State’s Homestead Rebate and Property Tax Reimbursement Programs. The unit assists New Jersey legislators seeking to resolve constituents’ problems, and responds directly to taxpayer correspondence related to these property tax relief programs. The unit reviews homestead rebate and property tax reimbursement applications, adjusts accounts, and approves payments for eligible applicants. The unit contacts homeowners to obtain information that was missing from the original applications, and resolves account errors and omissions based on the documentation provided.

Rebate Eligibility Unit evaluates the eligibility of selected homestead rebate applications, reviews pending applications, and resolves problems related to the State’s Homestead Rebate Program. The unit responds to correspondence; contacts tenants, homeowners, and municipal tax offices to obtain missing information or to verify eligibility; and adjusts accounts and approves payments for eligible applicants. The unit also processes returned homestead rebate and property tax reimbursement checks.

Division's Organizational Chart

Last Updated: Thursday, 08/21/14

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