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Technical Advisory Memorandums Numeric Listing

Issue Date Number Subject PDF Size
07/03/13  TAM 2013-01 The Purchase and Installation of Automated Teller Machines and Similar Equipment 48K
12/11/12 TAM 2012-3 Sales and Use Tax: Charges for Water Damage Restorative Services 51k
09/19/12 TAM 2012-2 Sales and Use Tax: Sales of Commercial Gases 18k
02/16/12 TAM 2012-1 Corporation Business Tax: Intercompany Transfer Pricing and Advanced Pricing Agreements
(Replaces TAM 2011-17)
12/07/11 TAM 2011-22 International Affiliate Transactions Involving Intangibles and Intellectual Property 185K
11/04/11 TAM 2011-21 Sales and Use Tax: Sales Lead Provided to Automobile Dealership via Website 9K
09/08/11 TAM 2011-20 Corporation Business Tax: Tax Relief Act of 2010 19K
09/07/11 TAM 2011-19 Gross Income Tax: Tax Relief Act of 2010 22K
07/28/11 TAM 2011-18 Sales and Use Tax: Storage-in-Transit 16K
06/06/11 TAM 2011-17 Replaced by TAM 2012-1  
05/13/11 TAM 2011-16 Sales and Use Tax:  Free Lifetime Oil Changes 16K
05/03/11 TAM 2011-15 Gross Income Tax: Sick Leave Injury (SLI) Payments Made Under the State of New Jersey Benefit Program 13K
04/20/11 TAM 2011-14 Gross Income Tax: Federal Affordable Care Act, Dependent Coverage for Adult Child 15K
02/24/11 TAM 2011-13 Corporation Business Tax- Add Back of Related Member Interest Expense 17K
02/15/11 TAM 2011-12 Corporation Business Tax- Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 18K
02/10/11 TAM 2011-11 Corporation Business Tax- Section 1603 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Solar Grants 14K
02/10/11 TAM 2011-10 Gross Income Tax- Credit For Taxes Paid to Other Jurisdictions- S Corporation Income 22K
02/09/11 TAM 2011-8 Gross Income Tax- Partnership Deduction under IRC§ 754 10K
01/13/11 TAM 2011-7 Gross Income Tax- Claim of Right Repayment Refunds (IRC 1341) 11K
01/10/11 TAM 2011-6 Corporate Business Tax- Foreign Corporations Subject to Tax 14K
12/10/10 TAM 2010-5 Gross Income Tax- Donating Cars to Charities 14K
11/01/10 TAM 2010-4 Credit For Taxes Paid To Other Jurisdictions The New York Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax 12K
11/01/10 TAM 2010-3 Gross Income Tax Reporting For Federal Repeal-Advance Earned Tax Income Credit Program 9K
11/01/10 TAM 2010-2 Urban Enterprise Zone – Alarm Monitoring Services 12K
11/01/10 TAM 2010-1

Urban Enterprise Zone - Lease And Rental Periods 


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