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Filing Sales and Use Tax Returns/Remittance Statements
(Forms ST-50/ST-51)

Sales tax must be reported and remitted to the State on a monthly or quarterly basis. All taxable transactions made during the filing period must be included whether or not you have received payment from your customer.

Monthly sales tax remittance statements are filed using Form ST-51, and quarterly returns are filed on Form ST-50. Your filing frequency will depend upon how much you owe.
  • Monthly Remittance Statements. A business that collected more than $30,000 in sales and use tax in New Jersey during the preceding calendar year must file a monthly remittance statement and make the required payment for the first and/or second month of a calendar quarter (January, February, April, May, July, August, October, November) if the amount of tax due for that month exceeds $500. If a seller collected $30,000 or less in New Jersey sales and use tax during the preceding calendar year, a monthly remittance is not required for either the first or second month of the calendar quarter, regardless of the amount of tax due for that particular month.
  • Quarterly Returns. All businesses registered for sales tax must file quarterly returns regardless of whether or not any sales were made or tax was due during the quarter. The total amount of tax due for the quarter, after taking credit for any monthly payment(s), must be remitted with the return.
All taxpayers must file their sales and use tax returns electronically, either online or by phone through the NJ Sales and Use Tax EZ File Systems. Payments must be submitted electronically by electronic check (e-check), electronic funds transfer (EFT), or credit card (Fees Apply*). *The fee is added to your actual payment.
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Monthly remittance statements and quarterly sales tax returns filed online or by phone through the Sales and Use Tax EZ File Systems must be transmitted on or before 11:59 p.m. of the 20th day of the month following the end of the period covered by the filing.

If you make an error on a monthly sales tax remittance statement, you should correct the error by adjusting the amounts when you file the quarterly return. This can only be done on the return for the same calendar quarter in which the error occurred. You can amend your quarterly return by phone or online. If the error resulted in an overpayment of tax, request a refund of the overpayment by filing Form A-3730 with the State. Overpayments cannot be credited forward.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 02/21/17

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