Travel Resources: Current Fuel Prices

Fuel Price
REGULAR GASOLINE - 87 Octane $2.789 (Effective 09/22/2017)
MIDDLE-GRADE GASOLINE - 89 Octane $3.099 (Effective 09/22/2017)
PREMIUM GASOLINE - 91 Octane $3.199 (Effective 09/22/2017)
DIESEL (ULSD) - Ultra Low Sulfuric $2.699 (Effective 09/22/2017)

How Fuel Prices Are Set

The cost of gasoline at service areas on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway is based on a weekly survey of prices at stations elsewhere in New Jersey.

Sunoco has contracts with the Turnpike Authority to provide fuel services on the Turnpike and the Parkway. Under the terms of those contracts, the company is able to change gasoline prices once a week to reflect the results of the most recent Lundberg Survey. That survey establishes an average price of various types and grades of fuel at service stations around New Jersey. The weekly prices are posted before 7 a.m. on Fridays.

Sunoco and the Turnpike Authority have worked together since 1999 to assure that diesel fuel is sold for the lowest possible price. The Diesel Price Program is designed to encourage large trucks to stay on our highways rather than leave to use local roads in search of less expensive fuel. Diesel prices may be adjusted more often than once a week.

Please note that Authority does not have contracts with Exxon and Shell for the service stations those companies operate on the Garden State Parkway in Colonia. Fuel prices at those stations are set at the sole discretion of Exxon and Shell.

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