About NJTA: Towing Survey

Towing Survey

In an effort to provide the best possible service to our patrons, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority is conducting a customer satisfaction survey of our authorized Service Providers. Your input will be aid us in improving the services provided. We ask that you provide the information requested below, as well as any comment you wish to add. Your time and cooperation in this effort is appreciated.

Invoice Number:
Date of Service:
Tow Location From:  (Choose Roadway)
Please Provide milepost, exit, or service area
What Service was requested?:
Service Provider Company Name:
Total Charge of Service:
Was the Driver courteous?
Was Service completed in a timely manner?
Were You Satisfied with the service provided?:
If towed were your options explained to you?
Were you provided with an estimate of cost?
After Service was requested, did it arrive in a timely manner?:
Did you use a AAA Card:
If so, did AAA explain your options?:
Was your phone call to the Authority Operations Center processed in a professional manner?:
Contact Information for Patron: (optional) Name:
Phone #:

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