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Photo of a presentation of a Member of the Year at 2014 State Convention

The New Jersey State FFA Convention helps FFA members develop leadership, personal growth and career success through participation in career development events, motivational workshops and sessions.  The members and their advisors also are recognized for their achievements throughout the year.

Delegates to the State FFA Convention establish policy and elect State FFA officers.

In 2020, there are 36 FFA chapters in New Jersey with more than 2,400 members.  FFA is a national youth organization of 700,170 student members preparing for leadership careers in the science, business, education and technology of agriculture with 8,612 local chapters in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

92nd State FFA Convention - May 26-28, 2021

The 2021 New Jersey State FFA Convention will be held virtually.

2021 State Convention Announcement

2021 State FFA Convention Registration 

2021 Convention Program

2021 Delegate Packet

2021-22 New Jersey FFA Affiliation Handbook

2021 Live LDE Guidelines

2021 Virtual CDE and LDE Guidlines


2020 Convention Proceedings

State Convention Proceedings
Convention Forms and Applications

Blue Jackets. Bright Futures. Jacket Contest 

State Convention Forms Due 

State FFA Convention Summary 

Preliminary Public Speaking Events 

Nominating Committee Application 

Portable Exhibit Event 

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Demonstration Event Scorecard 


Resource for Online Applications 
Star State Award Certification  (for State FFA Degree ONLY)

Scholarship Application 

May L. Gerlack State FFA Officer Scholarship Application 

Advisor of the Year Application 

Star State Greenhand Award 

Star State Chapter FFA Award 

Emnployment Skills Career Development Event 

Distinguished Service Award Application 

Honorary State FFA Degree Application 

Ag Awareness Application 

Application for Scholarship to National FFA Convention 

Washington Leadership Conference Scholarship 

State FFA Essay Event 

NJ FFA s 8,000 Hour Challenge/Outstanding Community Service Award 

Convention Events 

  • FFA Public Speaking Event
  • FFA Treasurer of the Year
  • FFA Secretary of the Year
  • FFA Scrapbook of the Year
  • State Officer Application
  • State Officer Candidate Handbook
  • FFA Week Event
  • Most Improved FFA Chapter Award
  • Official Ceremonies Event
  • New Jersey FFA Quiz Bowl Rules
  • Best Dressed Chapter Contest