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Annual Report 1998
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John J. Gallagher, Director

The Division of Administration provides a wide range of support services to the department's operating units. Fiscal and general administrative services, employee services and management, and information processing services are the responsibility of this division.

In support of the department's operating units, the Division of Administration's primary mission during the year was to help managers deliver essential programs and services to the state's agriculture industry and to the non-farm constituency the department serves.

Human Resources

The Human Resources office maintained programs essential to support the department's personnel objectives. These included workforce planning, classification, compensation, recruitment, salary and benefit administration, awards programs, employee relations and contract administration, performance assessment reviews, personnel policy and procedures, development and training coordination.

Wheat As of June 30, 1998, the department employed 366 people including 241 full-time employees and 125 seasonal employees. These numbers are slightly higher than in FY97, reflecting the transfer of the Bureau of Child Nutrition from the Department of Education to the Department of Agriculture.

The department also emphasized a new employee performance appraisal system that links performance to the organization's mission and goals. The new system ties individual job performance to specific program achievements, encouraging skill development and leading to job enrichment.

Fiscal Services

The department's FY98 adjusted budget for direct state services was $9,080,000 with grants-in-aid funding of $1,543,000. State aid for the year amounted to $7,004,000 while capital funding of $415,000 enabled the department to undertake improvements at the Horse Park of New Jersey and equipment upgrades in the Division of Animal Health.

Dedicated funding remained essentially at previous year's levels. Federal funds, however, showed a dramatic increase, rising to $178,161,000 with the addition of the Child Nutrition Program.

The fiscal section continued to monitor compliance with all applicable state statutes and regulations and ensured that financial transactions were accurate and reasonable and that sufficient internal controls were in place throughout the department.

Information Technology Services

During the year, the Information Processing Unit (IPU) undertook a number of projects aimed at helping the department keep pace with rapidly changing information processing technology, such as new computer platforms, new client database programs, electronic market news reporting and geographic imaging systems (GIS) technology.

Changes proposed and implemented will significantly reduce the department's computer maintenance costs, increase system flexibility, improve the accuracy of program mailing lists, provide for more timely dissemination of vital market information and expand the management and planning capabilities of the department's many land use-related programs.

This year IPU also completed its assessment of the department's ability to meet the demands of the Year 2000 challenge, upgrading both hardware and software systems to ensure Y2K compliance.

Department Funding

Source of Funds Amount Appropriated
FY 1998
Amount Appropriated
FY 1997
General StateFunds
   Direct State Services
   State Aid
   Capital Construction


Dedicated Funds
   Commodity Distribution
   Commodity/Equine Promotion


Federal Funds 178,161,000 1,645,000
TOTAL $206,855,000 $24,140,000

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