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The Division of Animal Health maintains disease control programs to protect the health and well-being of livestock in New Jersey. The Division tracks information about emerging diseases around the world that may impact the Garden State, conducts epidemiological investigations of livestock diseases, operates an animal health diagnostic laboratory, manages two contagious equine metritis quarantine facilities for imported horses and supports an aggressive livestock welfare program.  In addition, the Division is also involved with animal emergency preparedness and response, especially during disasters that affect the health, safety and welfare of animals and their owners.


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Longhorned Tick 

What do I do if I find a tick

County tick dropoff locations

Submission form

Tick information sheet

Tick ID card

To report all suspected Longhorned ticks:

Other Tick Information

Rutgers Center for Vector Biology
Rhode Island Tick Encounter site

TickCheck Tick Testing

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Press Release

Maryland Department of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources Press Release

Longhorned Tick Images





Regulatory Information 
  Animal Quarantine and Embargo
    Avian Influenza Regulations
  Biological Products for Diagnostic or Therapeutic Purposes
  Disease Control Program/Reportable Disease List 
    Dog and Cat Import 
    Domestic Livestock Humane Investigation Complaint Form 
  Humane Treatment of Domestic Livestock
Laboratory Services
  Livestock and Poultry Import
Livestock Abbreviations 
NJ Fair and Show Animal Health Recommendations
  Rabies Advisory Notice
Poultry Information 
  Avian Influenza 
  Preventing Human Salmonella Infections linked to Contact with Live Poultry
  Monitored Flock
    NPIP - National Poultry Improvement Plan 

 Virulent Newcastle Disease  
  Live Bird Marketing System (LBMS)  
 Defend the Flock  


Programs and Services 
  Animal Disease Traceability 
  NJCHAP - NJ Cattle Health Assurance Program
  NJSAGHAP - NJ Sheep and GOAT Health Assurance Program

Additional Links


Animal Disease Fact Sheets 
BQA - Beef Quality Assurance
  Swine Health Information