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Cost Schedules
General Purpose Barns Livestock Barns
Farm Shed and Outbuildings
Pole Barns/Equipment Sheds
Horse Stables
Poultry Houses
Farm Silos (CL 156A)
Farm Silos (CL 156C)

Adjustments to Base PF Series
Stall Barns
Horse Riding Arenas
Horse Turn Out Sheds
General Purpose/Hay Barns
Livestock Barns with Storage
Poultry Barns
Pole Barns
Green Houses
Temporary Seed/Green Houses

Agricultural Adjustments to Base

An Introduction to Estimating the Replacement Cost of an Existing Livestock Barn, Class 151

Effective Age Depreciation Deduction Table

Building Replacement Cost Conversion Factors for 2005

Type of Building

The State Board of Agriculture directed the New Jersey Department of Agriculture to request that the Division of Taxation modify the Real Property Appraisal Manual for New Jersey Assessors to properly reflect appraisal values for farm buildings. Taxation was asked to review cost data, depreciation and economic obsolescence schedules, and establish a separate category for replacement cost conversion factors for farm buildings.

The Division of Taxation, with assistance from the Department of Agriculture, updated the New Jersey Real Property Appraisal Manual, Farm Building Section. The farm building cost section has been revised to include changes in construction techniques and building materials. In recent years, pre-engineered post and frame structures (PF Series) in large have replaced the traditional masonry and frame structures due to their cost effectiveness in construction. The farm building supplement to the Real Property Appraisal Manual for New Jersey Assessors provides the building specifications and cost schedules. Included in the document are cost conversion tables, depreciation factor tables plus various illustrations and definitions to assist the assessor in calculating replacement costs and accrued deprecation.

The original traditional building costs have been retained in the Manual to accommodate existing structures throughout the state (pages II-108 to II-114). Structures of this type, in most cases, will require functional and economic obsolescence, and if warranted, physical depreciation. To aid the assessor in the valuation of dissimilar structures, a demonstration appraisal (page II-115.2) is included for reference. A separate cost conversion factor has been established for these buildings (this was not included in prior editions of the Manual).

A second part of the farm building section of the Manual is the new section which includes replacement costs using current construction material and methods. The PF Series buildings can be found on pages II 115.1 to II-115.7. The farm building section also includes structures (pages II-115.8-115.9) which traditionally were included in the commercial portion of the Manual. Seed starting plastic greenhouses and single purpose/use agricultural buildings (greenhouses and silos), are included in the Manual.

And finally, the farm building section of the Manual also includes information about "The Business Retention Act" which amends the description of local property to reaffirm the legislature's regularly stated position of excluding machinery, apparatus and equipment used or held for use in business from local taxation.

The Farm Building Section is only a portion of the complete Manual and can not be used by itself in assessing real property on farms. The Manual includes other facets used in an appraisal, such as, the procedures for rural land appraisals, the cost approach, market/income approach, cost conversion factors, etc. The updated Farm Building Section of the Manual, will be published and distributed to local tax assessors for utilization in assessing structures during tax year 2000. Grant funds from the Department of Agriculture will be used by Taxation for printing of the document for distribution to tax assessors and any unused funds will be set aside to update the Manual in the future. Copies of the Manual are available from Property Administration, Division of Taxation, for a fee of $28 (this includes shipping, handling and updates). Contact Taxation at (609) 984-3466 for ordering information. Copies may be available at local property tax assessors' offices, local libraries and the county tax board offices.
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