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Equine West Nile Virus Reporting Protocol 2001

Equine viral encephalitis is a reportable disease in New Jersey. According to NJ A.C. 2:2-1-1.5, all suspected cases of equine encephalitis must be reported to the Department of Agriculture "without delay, and in any case within 48 hours". To insure the most efficacious treatment and documentation of this disease, the Division of Animal Health requests the referral of all inquiries regarding: equine health, illness, lameness, treatment or equine industry concerns to the Division at 609-292-3965.

Below is the chart representing the flow of information to be followed for all suspicious equine cases in 2001. The Department of Agriculture's PIO will provide all definitive case information regarding equine cases to the public via press contacts and websites. The NJDA is to be the sole source of public information on confirmed equine cases.

Suspicious Equine Case

Confirmed Equine Case

*Horse information will include age, breed, sex, travel history, vaccination history, length and outcome of illness, when known.

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