Farmers may use the Agricultural Mediation Program to help resolve USDA-related issues. If a farmer’s application for a USDA program or service is denied, or if USDA makes an adverse determination regarding any matter, a farmer has the option of requesting mediation and/or pursuing additional USDA appeal procedures.

When a USDA agency makes an adverse determination, it will inform the farmer of its decision and send a formal letter describing the decision. This letter will also include a description of the farmer’s mediation and other appeal options for seeking to have the decision modified. Each USDA agency has its own regulations, so these options may be slightly different depending on the USDA agency and program involved. In many cases, these options include reconsideration, mediation, and appeal. Farmers interested in using mediation should request mediation prior to pursuing a formal appeal with the USDA National Appeals Division.

Farmers may also request mediation at any time to address a USDA-related issue, regardless of whether or not USDA has issued an adverse determination.

Request mediation

To request mediation with a USDA agency, complete the mediation request form. Program staff will then follow up with you to schedule the mediation session.

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