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September 2003 Kindergarten Reading Questions

If You Take a Mouse to School

(Click on the button next to the right answer.)

1. If you give a mouse your lunchbox, what will he want next?
  a. a glass of milk
  b. an apple
  c. a sandwich
2. What will the mouse in the story do with the blocks?
  a. build a house
  b. put them away
  c. make a little car
3. Why will the mouse and children run out of school?
  a. to get the bus
  b. to find the class pet
  c. to talk with the teacher
4. What game won't the mouse play?
  a. soccer
  b. basketball
  c. baseball
5. Why will the boy and mouse go back to school at the end of the story?
  a. to get the soccer ball
  b. to get the lunchbox
  c. to say goodbye to the teacher

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