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Fred DeSanti's Proposed DG Definition and Rate Modeling Criteria and Party Comments
Fred DeSanti DGDefinition.pdf 

Staff's August 6 2013 Request for Comments and Calculations Standby Proceeding.msg.pdf

Staff's Additional August 6 Request for Comments and Calculations.pdf

Rate Counsel Standby Rate Comments Dkt No GO12070600.pdf

Additional Bloom Comments in Standby Proceeding.pdf 

JCP&L Letter Response.pdf

JCPL Revisions to Proposed DG Definition Clean Version.pdf

JCP&L's PDF Mark-up DG Definition.pdf

JCPL Proposed DG - Rate Model GS 100KW.pdf

JCPL Proposed DG - Rate Model GT 5 mW.pdf

RECO - Standby Rates Calculations Rates and Assumptions.pdf

RECO - Standby Rates Calculations 500KW.pdf

RECO - Standby Rates Calculations 100 kw.pdf

PS Copy of Rate Modeling Criteria Response 20130826 5000kw.pdf

PS Copy of Rate Modeling Criteria Response 20130826 100kW.pdf

ACE - Standby Rates Calculations BGS CIEP Average Rate.pdf

ACE - Standby Rates Calculations Rates and Assumptions.pdf

ACE - Standby Rates Calculations 500 kw.pdf

ACE - Standby Rates Calculations 100KW.pdf
Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA)

SEIA Comments

SEIA Attachment to Comments – Smith/Chivukula Legislative Intent


Rate Counsel Comments 


Bloom Energy Corporation Comments 


Veolia Energy North America Comments


Mid-Atlantic Clean Energy Application Center Comments and attachments

Attachment 1 - Standby Rates Proceeding Comments – Standby Rate Design for CHPAttachment 2 – SEEAction CHP Policy Guide – Standby RatesAttachment 3 – 2009 EPA Weston ICF Standby Rates
Notice of Working Group Meeting on Standby Rates Proceeding May 17, 2013
Standby Rate Decisions



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