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In August 2003, a massive electric power outage was caused after a tree came into contact with a transmission line in Ohio. This incident left over 50 million people in the northeast United States and southeastern Canada without electric power. After the blackout, the United States Department of Energy issued a report which instructed the electric companies to develop vegetation management programs. After a comprehensive two year stakeholder process, New Jersey enacted a preliminary set of Vegetation Management rules in December 2006 in order to ensure consistency across New Jersey’s four electric distribution companies. These rules were re-adopted by the Board in February 2008 as part of an overall readoption of the Electric Service rules. The additional review accepted by the Board on May 8, 2008 is specific to Subchapter 9, Vegetation Management, and will include consideration of reduced requirements surrounding agricultural crops, as well as additional discretion for utilities within the Right of Way border zone.

Stakeholder Comments August 2014
Joint submission from the four EDC’s (ACE, PS, RECO and JCPL)  

NJ State League of Municipalities 

Rate Counsel

Gary Lovallo, forester
Solicitation of Final Comments for Informal Stakeholder Process
 Final Stakeholder Comments on July draft rule circulated by staff are due by August 18, 2014, send all comments to David Ballangee

July Draft Rule
Announcement of Stakeholder Meeting
Stakeholder Initial Comment Deadline April 24, 2014 send all comments to
David Ballengee

Announcement of Stakeholder Meeting to discuss re-adoption of N.J.A.C. 14-5 Vegetation Management to be held 4-1-14
Stakeholder Comments
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Joint Electric Distribution Companies Comments 
Stakeholder Comments June 2014
Joint Electric Distribution Companies Submission 

ACE Comment Letter 
Stakeholder Comments July 2014
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