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The Division of State Energy Services (SES), which includes the State Energy Office, manages the State's Energy Savings Improvement Program (ESIP), guides and directs energy solutions for state departments and agencies, and offers technical support for any and all state agencies and facilities on energy efficiency and operational matters, including but not limited to on-site generation, upgrades and efficiency systems. The SES provides technical assistance to the interagency working group charged with procuring state electric and gas wholesale contracts and manages those contracts as well as customer expansion. It also works in conjunction with the State Energy Savings Initiative Oversight Committee to identify, evaluate and select energy conservation project opportunities at state facilities, and assists with RFP development and selection of vendors and funding. The SES is also a key member of the State’s Energy Capital Committee, which identifies and implements large capital improvement projects for facilities throughout the state, focusing on energy supply, generation, and efficiency. Additionally, the SES provides technical, consulting, and advisor services to all operating divisions of the NJBPU and to other governmental entities throughout the state.