Translator Disclaimers

The Office of the Secretary is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the Board's regularly scheduled agenda meetings and any special meetings. The office maintains the Board's formal case files and handles general requests for information as well as those filed under the Open Public Records Act.

The Secretary of the Board of Public Utilities is statutorily charged with the duty to "keep full correct minutes of all transactions and proceedings of the Board" and to be "the official reporter of said proceedings," which entails maintaining an accurate record of the agenda meetings. The Office of the Secretary is also responsible for requests for public documents submitted under the Open Public Records Act, and the Secretary serves as the agency's Custodian of Records.


Office of Case Management/Agenda Control
The Office of Case Management, within the Office of the Secretary, serves as the Board's official record keeper. Among its responsibilities, the Office: assigns all BPU docket numbers to matters filed with the Board; maintains the computerized BPU Case Management System and the Board's physical case files; records the receipt of every official document received and every order issued by the Board in the Case Management System; administers the BPU's document retention guidelines; ensures public transparency by including Board Orders, minutes of the Board's agenda meetings,  the Hearing Calendar, and the Newly Docketed Matters Report on the BPU Website; and serves as point of contact for members of the public wishing to review materials maintained in the Board's files.

In addition, the Office of Case Management manages the Board's subscription services for:

- Telecommunication Petitions
- Meeting Notices