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Motions to Intervene & Participate, & Access to Confidential Info - Sept. 15, 2020
Salem Unit 1

Salem Unit 2

Hope Creek

ZEC Prehearing Order with Procedural Schedule – Sept. 10, 2020
Docket No. ER20080557, ZEC Salem Unit 1

Docket No. ER20080558, ZEC Salem Unit 2

Docket No. ER20080559, ZEC Hope Creek

Requests and Motions – Second Eligibility Period
PSE&G Motion to Participate


IMM Motion to Participate


Notice of Intent to File
Exelon - Notice of Intent to File


PSEG - Notice of Intent to File


Useful Information
ZEC Act Legislation


Application for Second Eligibility Period


Comments Received on Draft Application, July 20, 2020
Public Notice & Draft Application


Comments of the Independent Market Monitor

Joint Comments of PSEG Nuclear and Exelon

Comments of The Division of Rate Counsel

Comments of the PJM Power Providers Group

Board Orders

8-29-18-9A Order - Board initiated ZEC proceeding


11-19-18-9A Order - Board established ZEC program, application, and procedural process


11-19-18-9B Order - Board ruled on motions for access to confidential information and for intervention or participation


11-19-18-9C Order - Board approved JCP&L recovery of ZEC charge


11-19-18-9D Order - Board approved ACE recovery of ZEC charge


11-19-18-9E Order - Board approved PSE&G recovery of ZEC charge


11-19-18-9F Order - Board approved RECO recovery of ZEC charge


11-19-18-9G Order - Board approved Butler recovery of ZEC charge


12-17-18 Prehearing Order - President Fiordaliso provided directions to applicants regarding the service of applications and supporting documents


12-18-18-9A Order - Board approved selection of consultant


2-07-19 Order - Commissioner made determinations on Pro Hac Vice motions


2-27-19-9A Order - Board approved ranking criteria


4-18-19-9A Order - Board determined eligibility of nuclear plants and awarded ZECs to applicants


4-18-19-9B Order - Board adopted ranking team's recommendations; denied PSEG Nuclear's motion for interlocutory review


7-10-19-9C Order - Board approved ZEC pricing methodology and schedule and directed Staff to implement stakeholder process on specific questions


12-20-19-9A Order - Board approved extension for determining forward steps in ZEC program and currently approved applications until March 31, 2020


3-27-20-9A Order - Board approved extension for determining forward steps in ZEC program and currently approved applications until May 31, 2020


5-20-20-9B Order - Board approved Staff's recommendations on forward steps in ZEC program


8-12-20-9A Order - Establishes application process for Second Eligibility Period and approves issuance of RFQ


ZEC Forward Requirement Comments Due September 30, 2019
2019-09-30 - PS and Exelon Joint Comments on Second ZEC Application Period

Comment Letter - ERM ZEC 9-27-2019

FINAL Rockland Electric Company Comments BPU Dkt No. EO18080899 ZEC program questions 9302019

NJDRC ZEC Comments BPU Docket No. EO18080899


P3 Comments NJ BPU ZEC post eligib 9.30.19

Comments Received on ZEC Applications, January 31, 2019
Comments Independent Market Monitor (IMM)(Redacted)

Comments of the New Jersey Large Energy Users Coalition

Comments of the PJM Providers Group

Comments of the Division of Rate Counsel (Redacted)

First Eligibility Period
NJ ZEC Application Issued 11-19-18


Link to redacted ZEC application(s)


Responses to questions regarding the ZEC Application 


Q&A in regards to the implementation of the Zero Emissions Certificate Law


2nd Round responses to questions regarding the ZEC Application