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Governor's Educator of the Year Program Program



Coleen Weiss-Magasic

Coleen Weiss-Magasic School/District: West Milford Township High School - West Milford Township School District

Grade Level: 10th-12th

Teaches: Science

A love of learning led Coleen Weiss-Magasic to become a teacher twenty-four years ago, at which time she set out to reignite a sense of wonder in her students and colleagues alike. Along the way she has presented at workshops and conferences, has published in peer reviewed journals, and has been awarded numerous grants, most recently from the Frederick L. Hipp Foundation. As a science teacher at West Milford High School, Coleen's project “Swimming Upstream” partnered high school students with elementary students to study fish and local ecosystems, and was featured on Classroom Close-Up. Last year, Coleen was nominated for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, and received the New Jersey Exemplary Secondary Educator Award.