New Jersey Department of Education

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Certificate Subject Area/Grade Level and Codes

Career and Technical Educators should go to the Career and Technical Endorsements webpage for information.

Certificate of Eligibility Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing Standard Detail Endorsement Code Type
  CE       Principal 0200 Administrative Certificates
  CE       School Administrator 0101 Administrative Certificates
  CE       School Business Administrator 0109 Administrative Certificates
      Standard   Supervisor 0106 Administrative Certificates

All endorsements issued are for grade levels preschool through Grade 12 (P-12) with the exception of Elementary School Teacher for grades kindergarten through six endorsement that allows teaching in Kindergarten through Grade 6 (K-6), Elementary schools with subject-matter specialization that allows teaching in Grades 5 through 8 (5-8) and Preschool through Grade 3 that allows teaching in Preschool through Grade 3 (P-3).