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Register Now: Medicaid Provider Zoom Training for Dental Providers

Useful Tools for a Compliant Medicaid Provider: A Presentation for Dental Providers

Three Public Transparency Resources to Help You Become a More Informed New Jersey Resident

Many public transparency resources are easily accessible online, free of charge.

Looking at New Jersey’s Recovery from COVID-19 through Public Contracts

One year ago, Governor Murphy signed Executive Order 166 which directed OSC to review all COVID-19 contracts above $150,000.

A Day in the Life of an OSC Investigator

Learn about how an OSC investigator gathers the facts to determine whether fraud, waste or abuse has occurred. 

Introducing OSC’s COVID-19 Compliance and Oversight Project

Read about OSC's latest initiative to hold New Jersey's recovery from COVID-19 accountable.

Five Takeaways from OSC’s Borough of Keansburg Report

Get the five big takeaways from OSC's latest report on the Borough of Keansburg.

In the Wake of the Civil War, the First New Jersey Office of the State Comptroller Was Born

In this New Jersey State Comptroller History Column, learn how the first State Comptroller faced down the crisis of a generation: How to repay New Jersey's Civil War debt, and how to support the thousands of soldiers returning home from preserving the Union. 

The Most Common COVID-19 Scams – and How You Can Avoid Them

As COVID-19 has dominated headlines for nearly a year, it is no surprise that scammers have developed schemes to take advantage of the unprecedented health and economic emergencies the virus created. 

Government Waste, Fraud, and Abuse: How to Spot the Red Flags

Whether you work in government, or you’re a resident who cares about government efficiency and accountability, here are some red flags to look out for to help prevent and detect government waste, fraud, and abuse.

An Inside Look into a Medicaid Fraud Investigation

MFD’s work includes investigating healthcare providers and Medicaid recipients, and overseeing the investigative work performed by the state-contracted Managed Care Organizations.

No, it is not misspelled. It’s “Comptroller.”

It is an antiquated title. Not many people know how to pronounce it, nor attempt to try. But the word has survived for hundreds of years, and is still used in various forms today.