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Thinking for a Change (T4C)
Thinking for a Change (T4C). T4C is a 12-week cognitive behavioral program, endorsed by the National Institute of Corrections as a best practice approach for reducing recidivism. T4C is the cognitive behavioral change program adopted by the department for cognitive behavioral change.   Participants attend T4C twice a week for two hours per group session for twelve weeks.

Successful Transition and Reentry Series (STARS)
Office of Transitional Services developed and implemented the Successful Transition and Reentry Series (STARS) program. STARS is a 12-week release preparatory program designed to address each major reentry barrier faced by the returning offender.  Chapters include employment, housing, transportation, education, family reunification, finances, and others.  The STARS curriculum also includes an inmate workbook titled Living on the Outside.  STARS course provides offenders nearing their release, a structured and detailed approach to addressing each major re-entry barrier that ex-offenders face when returning to community life.  Participants attend STARS twice a week for two hours per group session for twelve weeks.

Cage Your Rage (CYR)
Cage Your Rage is endorsed by the American Corrections Association as a best practice program designed to help offenders recognize their angry feelings, learn their cause, and deal with them in a responsible way.  Participants attend CYR once a week for ninety minutes per group session for ten weeks.

Successful Employment through Lawful Living and Conflict Management (SEALL)
SEALL is a continuation of the STARS program with a specific focus on maintaining employment. Participants learn how to maintain pro-social behavior at work when conflict occurs on the job. Participants attend SEALL once a week for two hours per session for six weeks.

Helping Offenders Parent Effectively (HOPE)
Offenders who learn to be better fathers can help reduce these risks and have positive effects on their children's lives. Research shows that inmates who learn to become better fathers are less likely to return to prison, and that their children   adjust better when they are reunited. The goal of HOPE is to enable offenders to see the importance of accepting responsibility for their children and increase their ability to be self sufficient by beginning to take control of your life. Participants attend HOPE once a week for 90 minutes per session for ten weeks.

Family Reunification and Transition (FRAT
FRAT empowers the offenders with skills to help them develop a plan for rebuilding family relationships that may have been damage as a result of their incarceration and aids in helping them to understand the expectations set by their family member for when they return home


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