The Site Improvement Advisory Board is a regulatory board that takes action on regulations that govern residential development in New Jersey. 

There are 12 members, each of whom holds a designated seat, as follows:  professional planner for a governmental entity; professional planner in private practice; New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers; New Jersey Society of Municipal Engineers; New Jersey State Association of County Engineers; New Jersey Planning Officials; New Jersey Council on Affordable Housing; New Jersey Builders Association; New Jersey Institute of Technology; New Jersey League of Municipalities; Commissioner of Community Affairs (ex officio); and Director, Division of Codes and Standards (ex officio).  The terms are four years; the membership list follows:

  • Membership List

    Seat held

    Lt. Governor Sheila Y. Oliver, Commissioner

    Edward M. Smith, Director
    NJ DCA, Div of Codes and Standards

    Joseph E. Doyle, Jr., Chair
    NJ Planning Officials

    Joseph Staigar
    (professional planner in private practice)

    Janice Talley
    (professional planner for a governmental entity)

    Thomas O’Shea
    NJ Society of Professional Engineers

    J. Timothy Kernan
    NJ Society of Municipal Engineers

    Joseph A. Femia
    NJ State Association of County Engineers, Inc.

    NJ Council on Affordable Housing

    Valerie A. Hrabal
    NJ Builders Association

    Thomas J. Olenik
    NJ Institute of Technology

    Suzanne Walters
    NJ State League of Municipalities

    The following dates (all Thursdays) have been set aside for meetings of the Site Improvement Advisory Board. If the Board decides to meet on these dates, the meetings will be held at 10:00 a.m. in room 129 at the Department of Community Affairs (William Ashby Building) at 101 South Broad Street in Trenton, New Jersey.

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  • 2021 Board Meetings
    Mar 18
    Jun 17
    Sep 16
    Dec 16
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  • 2020 Board Meetings
    Mar 19 -- Cancelled
    Apr 16 -- Cancelled
    Jun 18 -- Agenda; Minutes
    Sep 17 -- Agenda; Minutes
    Dec 17 -- Agenda
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  • 2019 Board Meetings
    Jun 20 -- Minutes
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  • 2018 Board Meetings
    Oct 18 -- Minutes
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  • 2017 Board Meetings
    Oct 19 -- Minutes
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  • 2016 Board Meetings
    May 19 -- Minutes
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  • Older Board Meetings
    2015 - 2011
    2010 - 2006
    2005 - 2002
    2001 - 1997
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