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Aptly named, this unit's main responsibility is for the licensing and continuing education of individuals who enforce the Uniform Construction Code (UCC); it also provides for the licensing and continuing education of Housing Code officials and inspectors.  This unit also handles certifications related to Special Inspections, Propane Service, Carnival & Amusement Ride Safety and Landscape Irrigation.

All necessary information for licensing is contained on this Web page, including all the required application forms and links to the required examinations and educational programs required to receive a license.  Please note that we are unable to accept on-line applications at this time.  To apply for a license, you must either call the office for a hard copy application package, or download and print the applicable forms and mail them into the licensing office.

LICENSING - Related Forms and Publications

Licensure of Uniform Construction Code Officials
* UCC Licensing Information Booklet (en Español)
* Required Exams for UCC Technical Licenses
* UCC Form TL4 for All Applicants
* UCC Form A for Applicants w/Experience as a Journeyman, Contractor, Inspector
* UCC Form B for Applicants with Degrees and/or Registrations
* UCC Form E for Applicants with Fire Service Experience
* UCC Extra Form for Listing Additional Experience
* UCC Technical Assistant Licensing Form
* Community College Contact List
* UCC College Course Offerings 

Licensure of Housing Code Officials
* Hotel & Multiple Dwelling (H&MD) Licensing Booklet (en Español)
H&MD Form MDL-1 for All Applicants
* H&MD Form A for Applicants w/Experience as a Tradesman, Contractor, Inspector
* H&MD Form B for Applicants with Degrees and/or Registrations
* H&MD Form F for Applicants w/Licenses (UCC, Civil Service, Health)
* H&MD Extra Form for Listing Additional Experience
* NJ Hotel & Multiple Dwelling Inspector Exam
* Multiple Dwelling College Course Offerings

CERTIFICATIONS - Related Forms and Publications

Special Inspectors Certification
* Special Inspector Information Booklet
* List of Certified Special Inspectors
* Special Inspectors Application
* Form A for Applicants with Construction Experience
* Form B for Applicants with Degrees and/or Registrations

Propane Service Certification
List of Certified Propane Installers
Certification Information Sheet
* Propane Service Certification Application
* NPGA CETP Online Testing system
* Propane Safety
* Propane Requirements

Carnival & Amusement Ride Safety Certification Program
* Recognized Certified Maintenance Technician (RCMT) Application
* RCMT Application Instructions
* Form A for Applicants w/Experience as a Journeyman, Contractor or Inspector
* Sample Letter -Employer
* Sample Letter 1 -Self-employed
* Sample Letter 2 -Self-employed

Landscape Irrigation Contractor Certification
P.L.2015, c.169 (adopted 12/19/15 to move to DCA)
* Certification


The Continuing Education program's mission is to further the professional development of code enforcement personnel by providing quality educational offerings through continuing education programs for licensed inspectors and their support staff.

Continuing education seminars are scheduled and made available semi-annually to all licensed inspectors in order to meet requirements for license renewal. Training is also made available to new members of Construction Boards of Appeal and to annual permit holders.

In addition, architects, engineers and contractors are also able to attend seminars at a nominal cost.

Continuing Educations Seminars
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Seminar Development
Request for Proposals (RFP) - The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, in cooperation with the Center for Government Services – Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, request proposals for the development and presentation of continuing education seminars can be found below.  Bidders are strongly encouraged to carefully read the information contained in this RFP package to ensure compliance with its terms and conditions.

* RFP - Form
* RFP - Instructions

Laws, Rules, Regulations

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