Provides direct financial and technical assistance to municipalities based on strategic revitalization's plans within those municipalities.

Assistance Provided To:


Type of Assistance:

Financial-Grants and Loans.

Funding Source:

State Aid Appropriation.

Procedure for Applying:

Submit application in response to statewide request for proposal when funds are available.


Jef Buehler - (609) 633-9769



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What is the Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP)?

The Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP) began with the passage of the “Maintenance of Viable Neighborhoods Act” in 1975. This legislation established a program of grants to encourage and promote the social and economic strengthening and development of neighborhoods. It was envisioned that this would be achieved through the cooperative, concentrated efforts of residents, local lending institutions, businesses, municipal governments and the State of New Jersey. The Neighborhood Preservation Program takes a comprehensive approach to neighborhood development, which affords municipalities flexible and creative options.

The Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP) directly serves targeted neighborhoods throughout the state and provide money to revitalize areas in decline. An overall comprehensive cooperative approach that includes all sectors of the community and promotes unified effort has proven to be a successful strategy.

Who may apply for NPP funding?
All municipalities in New Jersey that wish to participate in an open competitive application process and demonstrate municipal resolve to form partnerships which are willing to work toward revitalizing a local residential area that meets the “Threatened, but Viable” criteria.

Threatened, but viable neighborhoods are:
Neighborhoods that are beginning to decline but can be rehabilitated and restored by cultivating existing social, economic, financial, and technical resources toward the development and implementation of planned activities that sustain neighborhood vitality.

When can municipalities apply?
The Department of Community Affairs notifies New Jersey municipalities when grant funds are available and applications can be submitted online (SAGE).

What are the evaluation criteria?
The following criteria are used in evaluating applications for the Neighborhood Preservation Program:

• Has the municipality demonstrated an understanding of local needs and how the NPP would enable them to address those needs.

• The neighborhood income mix, especially the proportion of low- and moderate-income residents.

• The neighborhood size and extent of problems: Can the area be effectively turned around in a one- to five-year period with the resources available?

• A demonstrated commitment to neighborhood preservation by the public and private partnership fostered by the municipality.

How may NPP funds be used?
The Neighborhood Preservation Program strives to be flexible in terms of how funds can be applied. The municipality may use NPP grants for any purpose that will lead to the restoration and rehabilitation of threatened, but still viable neighborhoods. Eligible activities include:

• Administrative Costs

• Community Planning

• Housing rehabilitation, code enforcement, related commercial rehabilitation/revitalization

• Educational, self-help activities, neighborhood organization

• Demolition, site clearance, property acquisition and disposition

• Limited infrastructure and public facility improvements in conjunction with neighborhood rehabilitation activities


How much financial assistance is available to a municipality?
Generally, awards up to $100,000 can be granted to municipalities on an annual basis for 3 to 5 years. All awards are based on program performance.