Description: Helps make energy bills more affordable for low income customers. If you are eligible, USF can lower the amount you have to pay for natural gas and electricity.
Assistance Provided To: Low income persons.
Type of Assistance: Credit on natural gas or electricity.
Funding Source: A surcharge on natural gas and electric bills
Procedure for Applying: LIHEAP Application.
Award Period: Year round.
Contact: Ahmad McDougle - 1 (866) 240-1347 EnergyAssistance

LIHEAP/USF Application Information:
Download the Application Form, Instructions and Required Documents [pdf 421kB]
Note: Please submit the completed application to your Local Application Agency.

The TRUE and PAGE Program helps low to moderate income residents of NJ that are over income for the LIHEAP program with their gas and electric bills.  For more information visit: or contact (732) 982-8710. 

Additional Information: