The Division of Local Government Services serves as an advocate for local Government interests. We provide technical and financial assistance in budgeting, financial reporting, joint services, purchasing, and management issues. Most importantly, however, we are responsible for the financial integrity of all local government units. We review and approve all municipal, county and fire district budgets and review many local government financial actions and also govern and guide the conduct of local government officials.

Please explore our website to find information useful to you. Summary information follows below this section. If you have any questions, please drop us an email at

Jacquelyn Suarez, Director
Division of Local Government Services,
Phone: (609) 292-6613
Fax: (609)-633-6243

  • Attorney General Opinions
    The Division occasionally makes requests of the NJ Office of the Attorney General for official opinions on statutory matters falling within or related to the Division’s areas of responsibility.  Responses deemed to be of particular interest to New Jersey’s municipalities are available from this web link.
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  • Authority Budgets
     The Bureau of Authority Regulation is charged with ensuring that the annual budgetary and audit processes of authorities and fire districts are in compliance with pertinent statutes, regulations, auditing standards and accounting principles.  The Bureau also performs analytical reviews of project financing applications for the Local Finance Board.

    Budget Forms and statutes are available from this web link.


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  • Certifications
    The LGS Certification Unit provides testing and certifies licensees for County and Municipal Finance Officer, Municipal Clerk, Public Works Manager, Registered Municipal Accountant and Tax Collector positions.

    Approved Continuing Education Unit (CEU) courses and schedules, certification requirements, applications, record keeping forms, CEU sponsor agreements and forms, as well as links to sponsor web sites are available on the
     certification unit’s web pages.
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  • Deferred Compensation Program
    The Division is responsible for the review and approval of deferred compensation programs for municipalities, counties and local government created authorities to ensure compliance with state regulations. Deferred compensation allows employees to defer receiving a portion of their salary until the future, thus reducing their current federal taxable income. A list of companies providing deferred compensation services to local government is available from this web link.
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  • DLGS-News
    DGS News provides subscribers with priority e-mail notification whenever new information is posted to the DLGS web site. New Postings on the GovConnectNews site are also covered. Subscribe now.
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  • E-Government
    E-Government is the location for Division EGG (E-Government) notices and an expanding list of links and articles on electronic government issues.
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  • Ethics
    Administration of the Local Government Ethics Law is the responsibility of the Local Finance Board.  Annual Financial Disclosure Statements for local officials, minimum ethical standards for local government employees, investigation of complaints and the issuance of advisory opinions all fall within the purview of the Board.

    The NJ Local Government Ethics Law and the annual Financial Disclosure Statement are available from this web link.
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  • Municipal and County Budgets
    This Bureau is statutorily responsible for assuring that each of the state’s 566 municipalities and 21 county governments comply with laws and regulations related to the finances of local governments.  Through its programs, the bureau provides technical assistance and serves in a regulatory capacity.
    Municipal and County Budgets
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  • Gov Connect News
    GovConnect News is up to date, priority information for local officials, Gov Connect News contains brief summaries of newly issued Local Finance Notices, E-Government to Government Notices, recently signed legislation, as well as important reminders and dates.
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    The Length of Services Award Program (LOSAP) is a system established to provide tax-deferred income benefits to active volunteer members of  all forms of volunteer fire and first aid organizations.  This definition includes those volunteer first aid organizations that charge for their services.

    Rules, explanations and forms are available from this web link.
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  • Local Finance Board
    The Local Finance Board in the Division of Local Governmental Services is a statutorily responsibility for promulgating rules and regulations on the fiscal operations, fiscal reporting and overseeing the fiscal condition of all New Jersey municipalities, counties, local authorities and special districts.

    A directory of members and a schedule of meeting dates is available from this
     web link.
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  • Local Finance Notices
    Local Finance Notices are issued by the Division to provide guidance and information to local municipalities, agencies and officials concerning legal and regulatory aspects of various functional areas and programs. 

    Notices are categorized and are available in pdf format from this web link.

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  • Local Public Contracts Law
    The Division provides assistance to local units of government by providing guidance and assistance in the government procurement process required under the Local Public Contracts Law.  This also includes the planning, development and implementation of cooperative purchasing systems, as these systems must be registered with and approved by the Director of the Division.

    Link to a wide range of public procurement information at the New Jersey Local Agency Procurement Laws website, available here.
    Local Public Contracts law 

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  • Miscellaneous Publications
    Publications which for the most part are not available through other links on the LGS homepage are contained within this category.
    Miscellaneous Publications
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  • Municipal State Aid
    Information about and amounts of State aid granted to municipalities and municipal budget information is available in various form,.ats from this web link.
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  • Property Tax Information
    The Division provides information for inquiries about the administration and enforcement of municipal property taxes.  Property tax levies and tax rates for all municipalities can be found here.  Information on the Division’s database of information concerning property tax billing services and municipal tax collection practices can get from this web link .
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  • Rules and Regulations
    This area provides a listing of Division and Local Finance Board rule making activities. It includes lists and text of rule proposals, adoptions, amendments, repeals, and public notices. It will also include the full text of rules that are currently in effect. Rules of the Division and Board affect the administrative practices of municipalities, counties, local authorities, fire districts, and in some cases Board of Education. They are issued in accordance with the state’s Administrative Procedures Act N.J.S.A. 52:14b-1 et seq.
    Rules and Regulations
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  • Shared Services
      To encourage and assist voluntary inter local programs and shared services among municipalities, school districts, counties, and other local property taxing units through technical assistance and the administration of the Regional Efficiency Development Incentive (REDI) program. REDI offers grants and loans to assist the study, development, and implementation of new joint programs and shared services.

    Various published materials concerning the program are available from this
    web link 

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  • Tenant Rebate Program
    The Division provides assistance to tax collectors, rent leveling clerks, landlords and tenants concerning the rebate or crediting of property tax reductions to tenants when a landlord’s property taxes are reduced through State aid.

    A program guidebook, administrative rules, frequently asked questions and other items are available from this web link.
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  • Volunteer Tuition Credit Program
    The Vocational Tuition Credit program provides tuition credits of up to $600/yr at county collages and vo-tech schools to members and immediate family of volunteer fire and rescue squads. Specific condition relate to membership, courses, and limits on use.
    Volunteer Tuition Credit Program
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