Revised Certification Renewal Forms/Renewal Issues 

  1. Examination Dates
    2019 Examination Dates 

    2018 Examination Dates


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  2. Continuing Education Calendar
    Approved Continuing Education Course Calendar
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  3. Requirements for Certification and Description of Duties
     Certified Municipal Finance Officer - 175 KB / pdf 
     Certified Municipal Tax Collector - 187 KB / pdf 
     Certified Public Works Manager - 6 KB / pdf
     Registered Municipal Clerk - 6 KB / pdf
     Private Entity Chief Finance Officer - 178 KB / pdf 


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  4. Application for Certification and/or Examination
    Certified County Finance Officer - doc
    Certified Municipal Finance Officer - doc
    Certified Public Works Manager - doc 
    Certified Municipal Tax Collector - doc
    Registered Municipal Clerk - doc
    QPA Exam application  - doc 
    SBA Qualified Purchasing Agent - doc 
    CMFO Notification Form For Repeat Participants - docx
    CTC Notification Form For Repeat Participants - docx
    CPWM Notification Form For Repeat Participants - docx 
    RMC Notification Form For Repeat Participants - docx
    QPA Notification Form For Repeat Participants - docx
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  5. CEU Record/Renewal Forms
    Certified County Finance Officer - 28 KB / word
    Certified Municipal Finance Officer - 28 KB / word
    Certified Public Works Manager - 28 KB / word
    Certified Tax Collector - 28 KB / word
    Registered Municipal Clerk - 28 KB / word
    Qualified Purchasing Agent - 124 KB / word
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  6. CEU Sponsor Agreements and Forms
      Continuing Education Sponsor Agreement - 457 KB / pdf
      Individual Continuing Education Agreement - 452 KB / pdf
      Participants' Course Evaluation & Attendance Sheets - 28 KB / pdf
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  7. Links to CEU Sponsors Home Page
    Adam Safeguard 
    American Continuing Education Services
    Bowman & Company LLP 
    Institute for Professional Development 
    LCB Services
    MM Continuing Education 
    New Jersey Association of County Finance Officers 
    New Jersey Deptartment of Personnel, HRDI 
    New Jersey State League of Municipalities 
    NJIT - Center for Information Age Technology 
    Professional Accountants Institute, LLC 
    Professional Government Educators, Inc. 
    RGB Consulting/Government Educators 
    Rutgers - Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation 
    Rutgers University - Center for Government Services
    Training Unlimited LLC 
    United Computer 
    New Jersey Water 
    Epic Seminars
    Montclair State University 
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  8. CFO Vacancy Appointment Questionnaire
    Temp CFO Questionnaire
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  9. QPA Vacancy Appointment Questionnaire
    Temp Purch Agent Questionnaire
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  10. RMC Vacancy Appointment Questionnaire
    Temp RMC Questionnaire
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  11. Private Entity Application for CFO
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