DLGS E-Government for Government, or EGG Notices, is an information series on how New Jersey local governments can use technology. The Division is involved in a number of initiatives (including GovConnect - EGG 6) to help local officials understand
and use technology solutions for government services.

Government Management Information Sciences

GMIS -- Technology Coordinator announcement 

League/DLGS/GMIS Municipal Web Site Seminar Slide Presentations

The Good and Bad About Websites 
Website Management Options 
Website Innovations 
Self Developed Websites 
Vendor Supported Websites 
Website Redesign Case Study


Municipal Contact List Help

EGG Notices

EGG-13 Welcome to GovConnect/Authorities
EGG-12 GovConnect Grant Program Information
EGG-11 GovConnect Fire District Grant Program Information
EGG-10 GovConnect for Fire Distrticts
EGG-9 GovConnect Municipal Contact List - pdf / 110KB
EGG-8 GovConnect Grant Program Information - pdf / 162KB
EGG-7 How To Use GovConnect - pdf / 132KB
EGG-6 Welcome To GovConnect - pdf / 102KB
EGG-5 On-Line Registration Services - pdf / 187KB
EGG-4 Local Unit E-Procurement Practices - pdf / 111KB
EGG-3 E-Procurement Pilot Prog. - Bidding Over the Internet - pdf / 126
EGG-2 The Basics of E-Procurement pdf / 124KB
EGG-1 Introduction to "EGG" Notices pdf / 110KB