June 27 Camden Demolition
The demolition of 101-103 Marlton Avenue, one of several abandoned housing complexes in Camden slated for demolition.


Buildings Had Been Identified as Sites of Criminal Activity

TRENTON, N.J. – Governor Jon S. Corzine, Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Joseph Doria, Attorney General Anne Milgram and Camden officials today participated in a ceremony that saw the demolition of an abandoned housing complex at 101-103 Marlton Avenue in Camden.  The building is one of several to be targeted for demolition throughout the City.

“Demolishing these buildings is essential to the revitalization of Camden,” said Governor Jon S. Corzine.  “Today, we are continuing our efforts to bring about meaningful change by taking a significant step to curtail violence and unlawful activity. While this project is about tearing down, New Jersey remains steadfast in building up Camden.”

Approximately 80 buildings are set to be demolished throughout Camden as a result of this initiative.  The buildings were identified by the New Jersey State Police and City of Camden Police as sites of criminal activity.  The demolition initiative was divided into two phases:  Phase 1 involves the demolition of nine City-owned buildings, including 101-103 Martlton Avenue.  Marlton Avenue was the first to be demolished and the additional buildings will be brought down within the next few weeks.  Phase II involves the demolition of approximately 70 structures and will carried out over the next several months. 

“Today is representative of Governor Corzine’s continued commitment to revitalize Camden and create a better quality of life for its residents,” said DCA Commissioner Joseph Doria.  “The demolition of these buildings presents a unique opportunity to start anew and create great opportunities for the City.”

“Demolishing these houses is part of a bigger project to take back the streets of Camden from the gangs who traffic in gangs and drugs,'' said Attorney General Anne Milgram.  “Abandoned homes serve as magnets for illegal activity. The goal of making Camden’s streets safe demands that we use all available enforcement powers, whether they are law enforcement or code enforcement. These demolitions show the potential when we use all available tools to improve the safety and security of our streets.”

The other 7 locations to be demolished in Phase 1 are 50 North 24th Street, 142 North 24th Street, 21 North 25th Street, 23 North 25th Street, 1046 Princess Avenue, 1414 Sheridan Street and 2411 South 8th Street. W. Hargrove Demolition Company, located in Camden, will be doing the demolitions and funding is provided through the DCA.