DCA and DOE Discuss Fire Prevention
Review Fire Safety Information & Video With Hamilton Students

HAMILTON – As part of a statewide fire education campaign, Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Commissioner Joseph Doria, Department of Education (DOE) Commissioner Lucille E. Davy and the New Jersey Fireman’s Benevolent Association today discussed a fire safety education awareness campaign geared toward middle and high school age students. This included viewing of the fire safety video “Fire Is…” for 300 sixth grade students at Crockett Middle School in Hamilton Township (Mercer County).

““Fire Is…” provides a straight-talking fire safety message to the young and old alike,” said Commissioner Doria.  “The video is a great education tool with an effective message that will save lives.”

“We at DOE believe that every middle school student in New Jersey should see this important video,” said Commissioner Davy.  “Lives could depend upon what they learn from it, and we are proud to partner with DCA and the NJFMBA in getting that message out to school districts.” 

The DVD, “Fire Is…,” is an effort to change fire safety education in all school districts from an exercise that in the past has been superficial and entertaining to a focused, organized program that is educational, serious and age appropriate. This video was produced and written by Dr. Frank Field.

The NJFMBA is providing this video on its website, in English and Spanish, to all New Jersey school districts and it is recommended for grade 5 and older students.  The video can be accessed online at www.njfmba.org.  As the NJFMBA website fills the screen, users can click on the “Fire Is…” video icon in the left margin of the screen.  Schools can download any one of five segments of this video by clicking the appropriate title at the bottom of the screen.  Each segment is divided into two parts, each of which is approximately 8-9 minutes in length. The segments are:  “Fire is Black,” “Fire is Hot,” “Fire is Smoke and Gas,” “Fire is Fast” and “Fire is Emergency.”