COAH Announces Record Participation
Over 300 Municipalities Taking Part in the Process

TRENTON – New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Joseph Doria issued the following statement today regarding the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH):

“As of this afternoon, 238 municipalities in New Jersey have submitted their third round affordable housing plans to COAH. Additionally, we are aware of 26 municipalities that are under Court jurisdiction. Moreover, 55 Highlands municipalities have informed us of their intention to conform with the Highlands Plan. These municipalities have received an extension until December 8th, 2009 to submit their plans. There are also three municipalities who had previously received third round certification, another four that received third round approvals from the Courts and therefore did not have to resubmit plans, three towns that are still under second round protection, and four towns that submitted third round filings. Updates regarding which municipalities have submitted are available on COAH’s website at:

“Overall, at least 303 municipalities have signaled their intention to take part in the COAH process. This is the largest number of municipalities to ever take part in the COAH process. I commend each of them for taking action in an effort to fulfill both our constitutional and moral obligation to provide New Jersey residents with the affordable housing they deserve.

“It is important to remember that submission of the plan is just the first step in process. Upon receipt, COAH has 45 days to review the plan to ensure that it is complete and fulfills the municipality’s housing goals. Once that is completed, municipalities then publish their plans and a 45 day public comment period ensues. During this time, the public can recommend changes or alterations to the plan. When the comment period is over, COAH will work with municipalities to further develop the plans; COAH has 45 days to approve the plan or recommend changes. We believe that municipal plans will begin receiving final approval in May or June.

“I would also like to emphasize that municipalities that have yet to submit a plan and are not under builder’s remedy can still take part in the COAH process. I encourage them to do so in order to spare their municipality and its residents the burden of such a lawsuit. Though they may have missed the deadline, they can submit a plan at anytime.”